Disgraceful: 8 Male And 7 Female Wrestlers Who Brought Shame To WWE

WWE has grown over the years to become a billion dollar enterprise of Vince McMahon's, a man who has tried to protect his company's image ever since he won the Monday Night Wars. The WWE has an image to maintain and doesn't want to be associated with controversial characters. We've therefore seen McMahon cut ties with many of his ex-wrestlers over the years.

There have been a lot of wrestlers who have gone on to make bad career choices after leaving the WWE that has brought a lot of embarrassment onto their former employer. Naturally, the WWE doesn't want to talk about those ex-wrestlers because of their humiliating reputation, but the company's image is still damaged because of their wrestlers' disgraceful actions.

Some wrestlers go on to commit crimes after they've left the company, while others commit what we'll just call "shameful deeds." Let's have a look at 8 male and 7 female wrestlers who have brought shame to the WWE.

23 Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

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Jimmy Snuka might have been an inspiration to many wrestlers when he dazzled inside the squared circle, but he was quite the controversial figure outside the ring as he was a suspect for the death of his then girlfriend Nancy Argentino after she died due to a bad head wound. Snuka would become the legend that he is after that, raising wrestling to new heights with his dare-devil like athleticism and was one of the most popular wrestlers of the 80s. His service to the company made them call him back numerous times for sporadic appearances, as his daughter Tamina also gained a place in the company. But recently he was arrested and charged with the third degree murder of Argentino, almost 32 years after the incident took place. A trial is to take place for it, but how the news has spread like wildfire has brought much humiliation for the WWE as many have indicated that Vince McMahon himself covered up the murder to keep Snuka in the company. To worsen things, Snuka was also named in the mass-lawsuit against the company filed earlier this year for "traumatic injuries" as Snuka seems to have no remorse for the reputation of the company and with his shocking acts has humiliated his and the company's image even more.

22 Paige

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Paige has been quite the revelation in the WWE, as she became the youngest Divas Champion in their history in her debut match on the main roster and immediately shaped herself as one of the top stars of the Divas Division. After also excelling in NXT where she was NXT Women's Champion, Paige went onto hold the Divas Championship and feuded with AJ Lee for it throughout her first year. She was then also a part of the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE as she aligned herself with Charlotte and Becky Lynch before turning on them. But as they got more over with the crowd, Paige started to seem disinterested and her backstage love with Alberto Del Rio hampered her passion for the product as well. She was suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy in August for 30 days, before again violating it for the 2nd time in October and getting a 60 day suspension period. Her downfall has been pretty shameful for the company who hauled her as one of the best wrestlers in their Divas Division during her first year, but now her apparent addiction to drugs and lack of passion for the WWE has not only dented her own reputation, but brought some humiliation for the WWE for not handling their top talent well and constantly suspended one of the best female wrestlers in the company.

21 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is widely regarded as the golden boy of Vince McMahon, as he has been booked extremely strong ever since parting ways with The Shield as many think of him as the "new face of the company". That was until the Samoan decided to screw up everything, as he was suspended on June 21st for violating WWE's wellness policy. One can understand the shame which McMahon must have felt, who saw his "new face" do something like this, as WWE sent a powerful message by actually suspending him. Although it's still not certain whether Reigns is going to be the next face of the company or not, this embarrassing suspension brought much shame to his character and to the company, who were at the receiving end of much mockery after getting their golden boy suspended for his illegal deeds.

20 Nicole Bass

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Nicole Bass might not really be remembered by many, but that doesn't take away the fact that many see her as an ex WWE wrestler who has completely thrown her life away since leaving the company. Bass debuted as Sable's bodyguard and because of her intimidating looks and muscular figure was pretty high in Vince McMahon's eyes. That's until she decided to leave the company and filed a lawsuit against the WWE, as she claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Steve Lombardi when in the company. That went on for some-time before it was disclosed, as Bass got nothing from the company and went into their bad-books, bringing much shame to them because of this petty case. Bass's life turned out to be a nightmare as the years passed, as she was arrested last year for shoplifting over $1200 worth of things. Not only that, but she also made a GoFundMe account stating that she needed money or would be evicted, stating that she doesn't want to be homeless. Her troubles have been widely covered by some recognizable outlets in recent years, as the "Ex-WWE employee" tag hurts the reputation of the company as Bass has brought quite a lot of shame to the company despite of not being with them for that long and her train-wreck of a career has not only embarrassed her but the dented WWE's reputation as well for not looking after their ex-employees.

19 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts had quite the legacy to live upto, until he decided to drown his life into drugs and alcohol and destroyed all the reputation his character has gotten over the years. Widely regarded as one of the most conniving, coolest heels of all time, Jake Roberts was a sensation in the 80s as he feuded with the best at the time and with his chilling promos became a fan-favorite. Roberts had a lot of potential in him, but his obsession over drugs and alcohol never let him reach his full potential as he was out of the company as the 90's kicked in and slowly faded away from wrestling. He completely wrecked up his personal life by parting with his wife and children, as he did some wrestling gigs to make money and spent it on drugs and alcohol. in 1999 he was charged for not paying child support and arrested in 2004 for allowing his snake Damien to starve to death. As people became more aware of his situation, it made for much shame for himself as well as the WWE who didn't want anything to do with him during his torrid state. One of their top wrestlers getting drowned in drugs and arrested for all these charges was pretty humiliating for them as a company, as they only brought him back after he sorted himself out as he had earlier provided much dishonor for the company with his shameful way of ruining his life.

18 Chyna

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The Late Chyna might have been a great wrestler and a pioneer to the growth of women's wrestling, but her poor personal choices have brought great humiliation to her own image and that off WWE as well. Chyna was a woman of firsts, as she was the first woman to appear in the Royal Rumble, as well as the first woman to hold the Intercontinental Championship. But she also was the first WWE woman to do a pornographic film, as that dented her reputation as a powerful wrestler and soon made her a pornstar. In of all the revelations she did in her wrestling career, her career took a wild turn when she decided to do porn films and the WWE completely shut her up because of that(and because of her complications with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). Chyna sadly passed away earlier this year which compelled the WWE to mention her, but she has brought quite a lot of humiliation to WWE's image with her deeds after leaving the company and the WWE was right to shut her out, as relating themselves with a woman who did porn would not go well with their image as a PG show at all.


16 Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash is probably one of the most conniving minds in the history of wrestling, as he only went where the money was and didn't really care about the product anyways. Nash found his opening in the WWE as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels, as he soon gained a lot of popularity because of his figure and hard-hitting style of wrestling. That got him over with management as well, who decided to put the WWE title on him. Only that didn't go so well, as Nash would bring down the ratings to a shameful point to which they just had to take it away from him. Nash would later go to WCW for more money, where he constantly mocked the WWE in rather embarrassing manners. His friendship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels later brought him back to the company for sporadic stints, but Nash has been all about the money as he shamed the WWE with his humiliating title reign and more further on with his disgusting rants thrashing their product and because of his popularity, much of his controversies were widely covered making for much shame for the company.

15 Cameron

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Cameron's WWE career as a whole was pretty ridiculous, as she started to gain relevance as part of the Funkadactyls who would dance in the ring with Brodus Clay. They gradually parted with him to start off a tag team of sorts, before going their own way. Cameron's wrestling was pretty horrible, as some of her matches were really embarrassing to the Divas division which was at a low point. She'd already shamed the company before when she got arrested in 2012 and tried to bribe the officer, for which she'd been suspended for 2 weeks. And let's not forget about her time on Tough Enough, where she left Steve Austin dumbfounded when she told him her favorite match ever was Alicia Fox vs Melina.

Cameron was infamous for botches in her matches, with the most glaring one coming in her match against Naomi a few years back when she tried to pin her on her backside, without even having her shoulders down for a proper pin attempt. This was heavily mocked by the WWE fans as the company was embarrassed at how this "professional wrestler" could pull of something as hilarious yet shameful like that pin attempt. Cameron would obviously never get to wrestle many matches after that and was released earlier this year, as she'd been a disgrace to the WWE's Divas division with her laughable wrestling skills.

14 X-Pac

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X-Pac might be a very entertaining, groovy personality in the ring, but his troubles outside it just don't seem to end at all. X-Pac debuted in the WWE in the 80s as the 1-2-3 kid, but only gained relevance later on when he became a part of both the NWO and D-Generation X in the 90s and wrestled for both WCW and WWE. A winner of almost all the mid-card titles, X-Pac was delightful in the ring but it was his personal life which was an absolute wreck. As he left the WWE after the new century kicked in, he became entangled in controversies as he made an amateur adult film with Chyna, his former DX team-mate. They made another one in 2009, as X-Pac couldn't get rid of his drug addiction and did all the shameful stuff because of it. Much of his controversies spread and made for much shame for the WWE, as he turned from a wrestler to a man full of controversies as the X-Pac also had to attain much humiliation because of their ex-wrestler's deeds. Though he eventually returned to the company because of being a part of "The Kliq", his reputation had all been wiped out with his shameful deeds as he brought much embarrassment for the WWE, who nonetheless brought him back and kept him with them.

13 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie has been the bane of the WWE's developing Womens' Division in the past few years, as she is an absolutely horrible wrestler and almost pulls down the reputation of the division by herself. More of a model than a wrestler, Eva mostly gained relevance as a member of WWE's "Total Divas" reality show and her impressive show their helped her gain a place on WWE's main roster. But she was full of botches and was absolutely embarrassing in all her matches and got sent to NXT because of it. There she was booed like hell, as she had improved in general but was still filled with botches and mistakes. Marie was slowly being billed as a potential top heel when she was drafted to Smackdown Live! but got suspended because of violating WWE's Wellness Policy a few months ago and hasn't been seen since. Not only has Marie shamed WWE's women's reputation, but she also dented the company's ability to control their talent by violating the Wellness Policy and Marie has brought a lot of humiliation to the legitimacy of the company with her horrid skills and needs to develop herself to keep up with these competitive times in the Women's Division.

12 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy was one of the most exciting wrestlers of his time, as he'd pull of stunts no-one else would in order to thrill the crowd. He gradually rose the ladder in the WWE from being a part of "The Hardy Boyz" to the main event scene towards the end of 2000s. Hardy would have some amazing feuds with the best talents in the WWE as he won the WWE title to much ovation as well, but threw his WWE career with his obsession of drugs, which was becoming almost uncontrollable with each passing year. He was twice suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy as one of his arrests for DUI was also implemented in his feud with CM Punk. It only got more and more humiliating for Hardy and the WWE as he got arrested in 2009 for being in possession of a variety of drugs and this closed the door on any chance of a return to the WWE had to go through much humiliation because of the dangerous addictions of their ex-wrestler who only seemed to get worse personally with every year.

11 Kharma

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Kharma was quite the monster during her run in TNA, as she absolutely tore through her oppositions and won a lot of accolades because of it. She was eventually signed by the WWE in 2010, as they heavily hyped her debut by putting out vignettes of her for weeks before she actually debuted in 2011 Extreme Rules, where she attacked Michelle McCool. She would destroy all the Divas each week and when one started to feel like she's going to dominate the division for a long time, she started crying on sudden week. The next week she came down to state that she was pregnant and needed a leave of absence, vowing to return one day. This all turned out to be quite humiliating for the WWE who had hyped her up so well but had to see her go for personal reasons and this brought much shame to WWE because of the way they were handling their Divas Division at the time. Kharma would only make a Royal Rumble appearance next and never really return, as her whole WWE run was pretty embarrassing to her career and the company's reputation as well.

10 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan might be the man who put the WWE on the map, but he has had his share of controversies which has made for much humiliation for the company. Hogan got his first real share of controversy when he choked out TV show host Richard Belzer on a chokehold after the latter had insisted him to pull a wrestling move on him, as Belzer had fell to the ground on his head and needed hospitalization. He got sued for $5 million which was settled in court, as Hogan would again stir controversy when he admitted in his testimony for Vince McMahon's trial that he had taken steroids to increase weight and height earlier as this almost ruined Vince's empire and brought him a lot of shame in the end. Hogan would be evergreen in the wrestling industry as "his time" came to an end as a wrestler, but recently was again in the news as footage of him calling a black man as a "n****r" was released as was his sex tape with Heather Clem. WWE fired him and removed all records him for a while, as their biggest star getting entangled in such humiliating controversies dented their image badly and even though much has been resolved now, Hogan has brought much shame to the WWE which are mostly covered up by his success.

9 Sunny

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Sunny is highly regarded as one of the best managers in WWE history, as she was prolific in people starting to recognize women in the WWE at the time. She started out by managing the BodyDonnas and also managed the Godwinns for a point of time, before going on to manage Farooq for some-time as well. She also briefly managed the Legion of Doom before she was released due to backstage issues and addiction to painkillers. She then went onto perform for ECW for some-time, and with the turn of the century started to appear in many Indy shows over the years. But times were getting tough for her, as even after she got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame she couldn't get it together for herself and in 2012 she was arrested five times in a span of a month. She was again arrested earlier this year for driving under influence, but the real shame was yet to come. She signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to feature in a an adult film for them. She even did the thing while wearing the Hall of Fame ring throughout its course, as this meant a lot of dishonor for the WWE in front of their fans as their legend had to resort to doing porn to make ends meet. Sunny hasn't been mentioned in the WWE since doing it, but this dreadful act she had to commit for money has dented not only her image, but the image of WWE as well as she has humiliated the company by doing it while wearing the Hall of Fame ring and will definitely never get into the company ever again.

8 Chris Benoit

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Chris Benoit was definitely one of the brightest talents of his generation, but one shocking act is what has plagued his career over the years since his death. Benoit had a successful career in WCW before coming to WWE, where he gradually rose to become the World Heavyweight Champion and was one of their better employees till his death. In June 2007, it was revealed that Benoit and his wife and child had died, as the WWE cut their "Death of Vince McMahon" angle to pay a tribute to him in the following episode of Raw. But as the truth was revealed that Benoit had actually murdered his wife and son before committing suicide, the WWE deleted all records or him and have never mentioned him since. Though some might think that's harsh of them, but a company which is viewed by kids all around the world just cannot talk about a murderer who has brought a lot of dishonor for the company as well who were thrashed for employing a disturbed man like that and quickly had to resolve to the PG era after that. Benoit's dreadful deeds brought a dent to the reputation of the WWE as they had to go through a lot of humiliation because of the shocking crimes their ex-wrestler had committed.








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