What The Divas That Posed For Hugh Hefner Look Like Now

Last week the world lost an incredibly unique man when Hugh Hefner passed away at the age of 91. The entrepreneur was the mastermind behind one of the world's most famous magazines, Playboy. Over the decades Heffner met an almost endless amount of women who posed for Playboy, and there are a select handful that graced his pages who also made names for themselves in a WWE ring. Nowadays, the females of the company aren't likely to seek out permission in order to appear in Playboy magazine, but not so long ago it was an honor bestowed upon only the most beautiful of WWE Divas, but how have those ladies fared as time has passed?

Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro actually had the good fortune of appearing in Playboy magazine twice during her career. However, the first time occurred before she was with WWE, and naturally, she wasn't the cover star like she was once she had made a name for herself in pro wrestling. Despite her second Playboy appearance taking place over ten years ago now, Ashley still looks incredible as you can see. The former WWE Superstar still wrestles to this day, although it's unlikely that she'll be returning to WWE anytime soon. Massaro was actually involved in a lawsuit against the company after she was allegedly sexually assaulted while at a military base during a WWE tour of Kuwait.


Christy Hemme

Two years before Ashley Massaro graced the cover of Playboy, WWE Superstar Christy Hemme was doing so. In 2004, the former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout managed to win the annual Diva Search. That was a good year for Hemme as she also snagged the title of Playmate of the Year. Evidently, even though a fair few of WWE's females posed for Hugh there were still some slight differences in opinion. While Hemme is still looking good as you can see in the picture above since that photo was taken she has announced some big news. Hemme is currently pregnant with quadruplets! Pretty incredible and great news for her.


Candice Michelle

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Much like Ashley Massaro, Candice Michelle also had the good fortune and the honor to pose for Playboy twice during her career. Again, like Massaro, Michelle was much more well known the second time, in 2006, as she was then with WWE. Unlike the other two ladies on this list so far, Michelle actually managed to win WWE gold while with the company defeating Melina for the Women's Championship in 2007. In doing so, Michelle became the first product of the WWE Diva Search to ever win a title in the company. Plus, judging by her Instagram she still looks as good now as she ever has.

Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson has over half a million followers on Instagram, and you only have to take a look at this one photo to see why. There is most definitely an argument to be made that at the age of 42, Wilson looks better now than when she did posing for Playboy, or at any point during her WWE career. Wilson is unique to the rest of the women in this list in that not only has she also appeared in Playboy twice, but she was on the cover both of those times and was also employed by the magazine while still working for WWE. Nowadays, she dedicates her life to fitness as you can probably tell.


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While we're on the topic of Torrie Wilson it would be rude not to segue into Sable.We say that because one of Wilson's Playboy magazine appearances happened alongside her once fellow employee. That's right, in 2003 Sable and Torrie Wilson graced the cover of Playboy together. Throughout the latter half of the 1990s, it was the dream of most male WWE fans to spend some quality time with Sable, so naturally, when she appeared in Playboy it was a pretty big deal. Nowadays, the former Women's Champion snuggles up beside Brock Lesnar, so we're afraid you're probably out of luck guys.

Maria Kanellis

You likely won't need a reminder of how the final entry on this list looks. That's because she is currently under contract with WWE once again, this time alongside her husband Mike Bennett. Maria Kanellis is also the second entry on this list who is currently pregnant, with just the one baby compared Christy Hemme's four. Unlike some of the previous entries on this list, when Kanellis posed for Playboy it was the first time that the world had been treated to seeing Kanellis nude. Despite leaving WWE, Kanellis has remained in the pro wrestling business and kept her name prominent with a run in TNA. It's good to see her back where she belongs in WWE  and looking better than ever.


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