Divas Revolution? 15 Pictures Of The Four Horsewomen Acting Like Divas

2012 was a huge year for the WWE. In that year, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte Flair made their NXT debuts (Becky would come in 2013). Who would have thought that those four individuals would change the course of the business. Their backgrounds couldn't have been more different, as one of them was a personal trainer, the other was a former flight attendant, one of them was Snoop Dogg’s cousin and the other was a crazed fan from a young age. These four would combine to revolutionize the Women’s Division. How did they do it? The answer is quite simple; mastering their craft inside of the ring.

Today, the four continue to thrive as all have won major championships. Bayley was the last of the bunch, winning her first ever Women’s Title in the main event of Monday Night Raw. As for Sasha and Charlotte, the two are already a combined seven-time Women’s Champion. Let’s not forget Becky Lynch, who became the first ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Obviously, the company thinks quite highly of the four. The days of the “Divas” seems to be long gone. However, in this article, we turn back the clock and take a look at some photos the WWE likely doesn’t want you to see of these four women acting like Divas. Whether it’s rocking bikinis or lingerie, these pictures feature the gals in outfits that present them as Divas, something we haven’t really seen all that often. Enjoy the article and, like always, be sure to share the link with a friend!

15 Bitter Rivals Acting Like Divas

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For the new generation of young women’s wrestling fans, this is like seeing Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Steve Austin pose for a picture by the beach, while they were supposed to be bitter rivals.

Since emerging on the main roster, although at different times, these three have been consistently battling for the Women's Championship, with Bayley and Sasha being portrayed as friends, while both despising Charlotte. The Women’s Division was highlighted by the program between Banks and Charlotte and it was arguably the best feud of 2016. The matches were a little scrappy at times, but the dialogue always kept us intrigued with Sasha oozing with charisma while Charlotte continued to prosper with her genetic superiority.

14 Becky Throwback In Red Lingerie

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For this throwback picture, we take a look at Becky Lynch rocking some lingerie. For fans watching her today and seeing how empowering she is in the ring, the picture above certainly comes off as a rarity. Seeing a similar picture today is nearly impossible especially given the fanbase she currently caters to.

For Lynch, the wrestling business was her destiny. She left her dreams behind briefly in the 2000s to pursue a career that was more stable as a flight attendant, but like the case with so many others, her dreams would eventually overpower stability and she’d return to wrestling. Looking back now, I think we can all agree she made the right choice. Remember kids, no matter how hard a dream might look, you’re closer than you think.

13 Bayley In A Bikini

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Finding a picture online of Bayley in something revealing or acting like a Diva is similar to finding a damn needle in a haystack. Her Instagram is cleaner than your grandparent’s bathroom, making this search one hell of a task.

After some rigorous searches, we were in fact able to find some Diva Bayley photos. This one, the more recent of the pack, features Bayley rocking the staple of the Divas Era, the bikini top. The rare picture features Bayley along with her fellow horsewomen, Sasha Banks. Also included in the picture is Bayley’s good friend Carmella who is now on her own on the SmackDown brand. The two shared quite the bond and Bayley helped Carmella get better as an in-ring performer.

12 Booty & Behind the Scenes

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Judging by the picture, it seems like Charlotte has been eating her fair share of Booty O’s over the last couple of years. She started off a couple of years ago with a more skinny and slender frame, but appears to be filling out more and more every year. The daughter of The Nature Boy follows a rigorous training schedule outside of the ring and that’s been documented on her Instagram page, as she’s been snapping photos and videos of her latest PR (personal record) lifts. Of course, she continues to thrive at the squat and this picture justifies that.

Charlotte doing Diva things isn’t something the WWE is too keen on, especially with the new era of women in power being at the forefront. Not surprisingly, this picture came from a miscellaneous shoot that never made WWE.com.

11 Sasha Has Us Seeing Red

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Move over Eva Marie, it seems like there’s a new sheriff in town. Well, not really cause she changes her hair color every damn week, but just for this picture, Sasha is rocking the all red everything look and I think we speak for most fans when we say that we approve the red ensemble.

Like Charlotte, not only is Sasha thriving in the ring, but she also has a great work ethic outside of the ring. It isn’t all that easy to maintain a slender and smooth figure while having a curvy backside. As documented on social media platforms, Banks not only trains hard, but she also maintains a solid diet filled with different types of green teas and, of course, the main muscle builder, protein. She’s acting like a Diva in this shot, but we’re sure there aren’t very many complaining about that.

10 Water Guns In The Air

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If you ask the WWE to take something back from The Four Horsewomen, it would probably be this shoot that featured three of them. The photoshoot was taken early on in their careers and it's kind of puzzling. The horsewomen posed like Divas throughout the shoot and this picture puts the cherry on top, as they rock some Diva gear while putting their water guns in the air. Who else thinks of water guns and Divas and immediately associates it with some kind of terrible 90s gimmick match?

The shoot was really weird, but thankfully, it had nothing to do with the trajectory of their careers. The three have been established as the future of the company as they continue to thrive on Monday Night Raw. Don’t expect to see a similar picture anytime soon.

9 Becky Posing On The Beach

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Like Bayley, Diva pictures aren’t the easiest to find of Becky Lynch. Her Instagram is extremely clean and finding an edgy picture of Lynch will just cause your eyes to turn red, as no matter how hard you look, there just isn’t much.

Once again, we here on TheSportster dug deep for your benefit and found this stunning picture of Becky from a WWE.com shoot that never made it to the site. How such a shoot didn’t make it, we still don’t know, but thankfully the pictures are still online for our pleasure. Looking at the photo, you just get caught up in the beauty of it and forget that Becky is in the same Irish Lass Kicker she portrays weekly on SmackDown Live.

8 Bayley & The Tight Dress

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For this entry, we felt obliged to go a step further from a picture and provide our readers with a GIF, showing you the rare sight of Bayley rocking a tight dress. The photo comes from her days as the NXT Champion and although it seems odd to say, Bayley looks pretty darn good rocking the short dress, which exposes her chizzled legs. Stacy Keibler is surely smiling somewhere.

When it comes to Diva-like attire, that’s the closest Bayley has come to looking like a Diva from back in the day. Since making the jump to the main roster, she’s continued on with her PG ways, pleasing the younger fans. The older demographic doesn’t have a problem with it either, as her passion and enthusiasm for the business have made her a big time fan favorite.

7 Sasha Snapchatting Like A Diva Boss

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Although 90s fans complain about how PG the company is nowadays, we still get the good parts from technology. Granted, women don’t bare it all anymore inside of the ring, but outside of it, we’ve been allowed to follow their personal lives and that’s led to us seeing our favorite female wrestlers in some revealing outfits. Back in the 90s, we could have only dreamt of an app that documented the everyday lives of our favorite WWE stars.

In this picture, we see Banks acting like a true Diva with water in the background, her tongue out and a bikini top showing just the perfect amount of cleavage to make any fan happy. Posting such pictures isn’t the norm for Sasha, but fans aren’t complaining when they happen.

6 Charlotte TB

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It's surreal to look at the progress Charlotte Flair has made over the last couple of years and this picture comes from her earlier days, as she poses like a true Diva in the shot. Nowadays, instead of revealing photoshoots, the likes of USA Today are posting articles on how she represents the future of the business. Many fans are proud of her, including her father, The Nature Boy.

The most unbelievable factor is that she made her debut with NXT in 2012. Do the math, that wasn’t all that long ago. Her family name has helped her cause, but for the most part, her genetic superiority and work ethic has skyrocketed her to the top. As we’ve seen in the past, the apple does fall far from the tree in some instances (cough, David Flair, cough), but in this case, the apple fell really, really close to the tree.

5 More Becky Throwbacks

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Another rare throwback picture of Becky Lynch features the former SmackDown Live Women’s Champion in some tight fitting lingerie. One can imagine how well Becky would fill out the same outfit nowadays.

After years on the indie scene, Lynch would see her Cinderella story end with a WWE contract, something that was a pipe dream for the former flight attendant at one point in time. Not only would she sign the deal, but she would embark on a brand new Cinderella story, thriving in the company down in NXT. She would once again defy the odds in 2016, winning her first major WWE Championship, becoming the first ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. That’s an accomplishment nobody can ever take away from her.

4 Throwback Sasha Poolside

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Still only 25 years young, Sasha Banks began training for a future wrestling career back in 2008. Do the math, that means she started back when she was 16. She made her name known while wrestling for Chaotic Wrestling. After a successful tryout, Banks was signed to a WWE deal and nobody could have predicted at the time what kind of an impact she would have on the industry.

Her early work down in NXT changed the perception of the division and some argue Sasha was the biggest catalyst for change. This picture pays homage to a young looking Banks acting like a Diva poolside. It's remarkable to see how much she’s changed in just a short amount of time and just look at the next recent picture which shows quite the transformation.

3 Recent Sasha Poolside

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Looking a lot leaner and rocking a crazy head of hair, it’s incredible to see how much Sasha has grown into herself since she made her debut down in NXT. Honestly, these two poolside pictures of Banks acting like a Diva appear to be of completely different people.

She’s been a babyface throughout most of her main roster run, but the fans that have seen Sasha’s work down in NXT are well aware that her best is yet to come. Banks plays a heel much more naturally and she'll kill it on Raw when they inevitably give her a heel run. Look for Banks to turn at some point in the near future, embarking on another lengthy feud with her fellow Four Horsewomen buddy, Bayley.

2 Charlotte & The Bikini Diva Pose

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This one is the classic Diva pose that the WWE loves to snap. We’ve seen the likes of Sable, Sunny, Trish, Lita and Torrie rock the same pose over the last couple of decades. Similar pictures are few and far between nowadays, so we’ll enjoy this rare sight of Charlotte glistening as she looks away for the shot.

Leading the Women’s Division, this is likely a picture the WWE wants us to forget about. Again, it was put into an assorted album of photos that didn’t make the website, so without a doubt, there was some hesitation at some point. The company is very sensitive when it comes to Charlotte and that’s been well documented with her booking since she made the jump to the main roster.

1 More Water Guns

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Man have these women come a longgggg way from this photo, in what appears to be somebody’s backyard. Acting like Divas and looking quite young with baby faces, the three are squirting water guns, looking anything but WWE Superstars. Looking at their progress today, this picture is really a distant memory.

Nowadays, these three are the biggest butt kickers in the female division. Hell, the two on the left main evented a WWE PPV while competing inside of Hell in a Cell. They’ve come a long way from the photo, but it’s still quite eye opening to see the three in their humble beginnings. Without a doubt, all four of the women in this article will continue to expand their brand over the next couple of years, adding to their legacies as trailblazers in the business.

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