Do You Know How Hacksaw Jim Duggan Ended Up With His Trademark 2x4?

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Those of us who grew up on the WWE (the WWF back them) in the 1980s can't forget "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and his trusty 2x4. But do you know how he ended up with that piece of wood? Well, Duggan recently did an interview with Ring Rust Radio and he told them the story of how it came to be. It's a pretty awesome story:

"It started in my early days when I was Big Jim Duggan when I had the short hair and clean shaven. I broke in Texas with Fritz Von Erich down in Dallas. That’s also where I played football for Southern Methodist. I went from Big Jim to the Convict, that’s when I wore a mask working in Hawaii for the great Peter Maivia the High Chief. I came back to the States and I still didn’t know what I was doing. I went from Georgia Championship Wrestling to the Pensacola Territory where I was Wildman Dugan. I had a fur with chains on it and grew my beard real bushy but that gimmick didn’t work for me either. I then had the opportunity to go to Southwest Championship Wrestling with Joe Blanchard, Tully Blanchard’s dad. I worked with Bruiser Brody and Buck Robley who I had met while at Georgia Championship Wrestling. That’s where I evolved into Hacksaw. I was a heel down in Texas and it was a rough atmosphere before it was sport entertainment kind of stuff. They had a waiver where if you wanted to try us, sign it and step in the ring with us and we will show if its real or not you type deal. So getting to and from the ring was a challenge. You would get spit on by people, kicked by people, even punched by people. I was sitting in the dressing room covered in loogies and bruises from the fans and Brody came in and told me to carry something to the ring that I could actually use instead of those sequenced feathers and boas. So I looked and said well here’s a piece of wood; then I came out yelling with that 2×4 and it was like parting the red sea man, people scattered. I went back and forth to the ring with no problem and I have carried it ever since. It turned out to be a great gimmick for me."


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