Does Finn Balor Blame Seth Rollins For His Injury?

At this point every wrestling fan is well aware of the beloved Finn Balor and the tragic turn of events that occurred just as the "The Demon King" was ready to take his place atop the Monday Night Raw roster.

While Finn Balor will forever be known as the inaugural WWE Universal Championship, the first-ever title reign will go down in the records books as a "paper title run." Yes, Balor held the red-leather-strap for less than twenty-four hours.

Side Note: The injury of Finn Balor and subsequent vacating of the WWE Universal Championship would make way for Kevin Owens - another beloved wrestler of the die-hard community - to claim his spot at the top of the card.

On a recent edition of "The Ross Report" with the legendary Jim Ross, Finn Balor would provide his opinion on the very man who sidelined the Irish Superstar, Seth Rollins. Ross would inquire whether or not Rollins is a "dangerous performer" to which Balor replied:

"Well, people are entitled to their opinions, but as far as my opinion goes, I have been hurt a lot of times working, and it’s never been with Seth Rollins. Obviously, if you work a lot, you are going to get hurt. Occasionally, this just happened coincidently, and I just so happened to be working with Seth, so as far as I’m concerned Seth is one of, if not the best performer we have in this business. I feel that all the flack he gets is totally unwarranted. Any kind of slack he gets for being unsafe is really ridiculous."

Obviously Finn Balor accepts that what transpired during their match at SummerSlam was nothing more than another wrestling injury caused by an unusually hard spot and holds no animosity towards Seth Rollins.

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