Does Hulk Hogan Think Roman Reigns Should Turn Heel?

Hulk Hogan spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, reflecting on Roman Reigns getting booed by the crowd.

“If I was Roman Reigns, I would just listen to what the people want. If they want to boo me, then it’s like Razor Ramon would say–I’ll be the ‘Bad Guy’ for you.’ Roman Reigns should be as evil as he wants. If they’re booing him, then that’s what they want to see.”

The not so flattering reaction Reigns is receiving is comparable to the reaction John Cena receives. Typically with Cena it's 50/50, but most Raw crowds have been anti-Reigns.

Reigns new slogan, "I'm not a good, I'm not a bad guy. I'm THE guy" hints that he is not worried about what the crowd thinks of him. At the same time, could this be the start of a slow burning heel turn?

With AJ Styles the number one contender foe the WWE World Heavyweight championship, expect the crowd to be pro-Styles heading into Payback.

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Does Hulk Hogan Think Roman Reigns Should Turn Heel?