Does Shawn Michaels Miss Being In A WWE Ring?

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Shawn Michaels is not one to pull punches. HBK says what he feels and is normally pretty blunt about it. When discussing the current WWE product, while appearing on Vince Russo's podcast (which you can listen to in full here), he took a little jab at it. He was asked whether he missed being in a WWE ring and here's what Michaels said:

“Everybody asks me, ‘Do you miss it?’ No, I don’t miss it, because what’s on TV now isn’t what I used to do. So it’s easy not to miss.”

Now, that can be interpreted a couple of ways. The shocking way, where HBK is dissing what the WWE is currently doing. Or the reasonable way, where HBK is merely pointing out that the WWE of today is different than the one he led in the 90s and 2000s. However, with the talent being employed today, we'd love to see HBK return to face Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens. If you saw him at WrestleMania 32, you know he's definitely in good enough shape!

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