Which Current WWE Superstar Spoke Out On His Frustration With The Company?

Long-time WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler has seen his character gimmick change up frequently throughout the years. At one point this summer, he was taken off programming to be "repackaged."

The "repackaging" of Ziggler featured him coming out to mock other wrestlers' entrances, including John Cena, D-Generation X and The Undertaker. With the gimmick not exactly doing much to help his character rebuild momentum, Ziggler admitted that he was frustrated with the WWE.

Appearing on Edge and Christian's Pod of Awesomeness, Ziggler discussed his unhappiness with his current situation.

“I hate it. But also I’m someone who, I hate that I’m not the champion. I hate that the show is not about me because that that’s the mentality you should have if you’re in the business," Ziggler said. "But there’s a thousand other guys in the back that say, ‘I want to be the best. I want to main event WrestleMania, I want the show to be about me.'”

Ziggler also added that he's talked to Vince McMahon about making "a career out of almost never winning, which is awesome," but also added he has to be "seen as somebody who could win without pulling a needle out of a haystack or a lottery ball out… because that loses all of that luster.”

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Ziggler admitted that he was close to leaving the WWE two years ago, but they convinced him to come back on a new contract. He also admitted that he "might have to go away" if he has to.

You can understand why Ziggler is frustrated with the WWE. He's been with the company for over a decade, but hasn't gotten a main event push. He's had to go through a number of forgettable gimmicks, including a member of The Spirit Squad and now impersonating past WWE stars.

Judging by his words, we shouldn't be surprised if Ziggler joins the likes of Ryback and Alberto Del Rio - wrestlers who left after dissatisfaction with their character push.

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