Dolph Ziggler Comments On Altercation With Goldberg

Dolph Ziggler has broken his silence following Goldberg's posting of footage capturing a confrontation between the two WWE stars.

WWE has so far refrained from making mention of the incident and Ziggler looked like he wasn't going to get drawn in either. But he's since gotten on Twitter to refer to Goldberg by a very rude name while advising him to get a hobby that won't cause him to get hurt.

"dips**t took a break from ruining wrestling to ruin my night off," he wrote. "I’m not interested. get a hobby or go fishing or something. Maybe you can do that without getting hurt. no other warning or comments on this, from me. Thanks"

The two wrestlers were SummerSlam opponents earlier this year and it appears that the heat is very real between them. The two posts on social media could be about the sum of it all but there could be a bit more.

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We also shouldn't be surprised if WWE decides to piggyback on the episode and turn it into a storyline, yet getting Goldberg and Ziggler to work together in the wake of their altercation might be easier said than done.

While the promotion has kept shut over the whole thing, NXT star Matt Riddle got his two cents in after seeing the footage on social media.

Riddle has made no secret of his dislike for the veteran and a recent tweet suggested that he would have loved it if Goldberg tried something like that with him.

This Doesn't Need To Go Any Further

WWE may or may not address this but one thing's for sure, Goldberg and Ziggler don't like each other and, by the looks of things, they can't stand being in the same room.

We're pretty intrigued by the way things have unfolded between these two personalities but we're also not going to feel excited about either one of these wrestlers getting hurt through this beef.

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