Dolph Ziggler's Confusing Promo Leads To Possibly Vacant Title

Judging by his actions on SmackDown Live Dolph Ziggler has vacated the United States Title just 48 hours after he won it.

For the most part, Sunday night's Clash Of Champions didn't throw up many surprises. In fact, the only real shock of the night, and the only title change occurred during the main card's opening match. Dolph Ziggler hit back at critics saying he was only in the US Title match to make up numbers by winning the triple threat bout and becoming United States Champion.


Considering the circumstances and the fact that most fans didn't expect him to win, you could rest assured that Ziggler was going to be pretty smug on SmackDown Live this week. The Showoff staged a celebration on Tuesday night, during which he reminded the WWE Universe of his many different title wins over the course of his 12 year WWE career.

Then things took a peculiar turn. Ziggler seemed to be reveling in the fact that he is once again United States Champion and very much enjoying reliving some of his greatest hits. His mood quickly changed though and while staring at his newly won title he informed the fans that they don't deserve him. With that, he placed the US Championship in the ring along with his microphone and just walked out.

Ziggler, the announcers, or anyone else for that matter have failed to explain what this means exactly for The Showoff or the US Title. Did Ziggler just vacate the championship for reasons unbeknownst to us at this moment in time? Has he walked out of WWE altogether due to his belief that the fans don't deserve him? Those questions currently remain unanswered, but one thing is for certain, the US Title scene is a lot more intriguing right now than it was this time last week.


Somehow, despite being in WWE for over a decade and fans insisting that he has run his course, Ziggler continues to add interesting twists to whatever he's involved in. Ironically, the most intriguing of those twists happen to involve the insinuation that his time with WWE may be coming to an end. He did it during his rivalry with The Miz last year, and he has just done it again following his actions on SmackDown Live.


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