Dolph Ziggler Defends Teaming With Bobby Roode During Raw Invasion

Dolph Ziggler is defending his actions at the end of Raw that saw him siding with his rival Bobby Roode as SmackDown Live invaded the red brand.

The build to this year's Survivor Series is well and truly underway. Next month's edition of the pay-per-view will once again revolve around the Superstars of Raw going head to head with SmackDown Live. There will be four champion-versus-champion matches plus two traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team matches.

Despite the pay-per-view still being over three weeks away, SmackDown Live's  commissioner Shane McMahon showed up on Raw with a large chunk of his Tuesday night roster in tow. The Superstars that McMahon brought with him then proceeded to head backstage and ransack the Raw locker room as well as any wrestlers who happened to get in their way.


As entertaining as it was, some fans took issue with one aspect of the attack and the angle as a whole in particular. The fact that faces and heels—many of whom are currently feuding with each other—inexplicably teamed up to arbitrarily fight for brand supremacy. Baron Corbin who is supposedly a Lone Wolf all of a sudden decided that he now likes the rest of the SmackDown Live locker room and New Day, who are unequivocally baby faces, began the beatdowns on fellow faces Apollo Crews and Titus O Neil.

One particular pairing that stood out on Team SmackDown Live was Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode. The Showoff and The Glorious One are currently engaged in a heated rivalry, yet both represented Team Blue on Monday night. Wade Keller of PWTorch took issue with that and got into it with Ziggler. The Showoff offered an explanation though, saying "SmackDown was a unit sending a message." He also claimed that Raw is a show full of Superstars who use "masks, fire, smoke & facepaint," which, in all fairness, is exactly the kind of thing his character currently hates.

It's a very tricky line to walk for Ziggler, and how much it affects you as a fan really depends on how deeply you think about the angles and storylines. If you're willing to put aside everything else that is going on at this time of year for the sake of Survivor Series—like WWE clearly is—then you're going to enjoy the product. If you can't let go of the fact that these men and women normally hate each other, and can't get your head around them abandoning those rivalries for a few weeks, then Survivor Series season will likely be very frustrating.

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