Backstage Update On Where Dolph Ziggler's Segments Are Heading

Dolph Ziggler continued to mock current and former WWE Superstars on SmackDown Live this week while complaining about not being appreciated.

Dolph Ziggler has been treading water in WWE for a while now. Last year, it really did look as if The Showoff was on his way out of the company when he battled The Miz in a match that had lost, he would have left WWE. It was all a rouse though, and Ziggler won only to carry on in the mundane way that he has been for a couple of years now.

Ziggler's latest schtick is to come to the ring dressed as other Superstars accompanied by that wrestler's entrance music. The reasoning behind it is that Ziggler believes to make it to the top in WWE you have to have a good look and that what happens between the ropes doesn't really matter. Over the last few weeks, he has mocked Bayley, Triple H, the Ultimate Warrior, and a fair few others. It has to be leading somewhere though, and there is one theory that makes a lot of sense.


According to DirtySheets.net all of this tomfoolery from Ziggler is building to the debut feud of the new addition to SmackDown Live, Bobby Roode. So far, all we've seen from The Glorious One is two quickfire wins over Aiden English and Mike Kanellis. Allegedly, Roode's first long-term rival was going to be Rusev, but since The Bulgarian Brute would be the one losing that feud, WWE  decided to go a different way with it.

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Ziggler and Roode feuding would most certainly make sense right now. The Show Off is attempting to make us believe that some WWE Superstars are only where they are because of their entrance, and Roode most certainly has an impactful one of those. One of these week's, Ziggler will likely choose to mock the former NXT Champion, and Roode will take it upon himself to prove to Ziggler that he's much more than a robe and a catchy song.

Ziggler's absence from TV had some fans hoping that The Showoff might actually be getting a much-needed repackaging. That was not the case though, and instead, we're being exposed to the same old whining version of Ziggler. Some are finding his weekly skits entertaining, but really the sooner they interject Bobby Roode into the mix the better.

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