Dolph Ziggler On Why He's Not On WWE TV

With a big WWE event like SummerSlam, media days are almost as big as the event itself. It's the last chance for wrestlers to sell fans on the show, even if the interviews aren't always exciting. There are exceptions to that rule, however, especially when one of the biggest stories to come out of the media frenzy is about a wrestler who's not even on the card, Dolph Ziggler—a WWE Superstar who has been noticeably absent from WWE programming as of late. There is wide speculation that the reason Ziggler has been away had been the planned repackaging of his character and re-debut in the coming weeks. When asked about his absence, Ziggler had an opportunity to set the record straight.

On why he is not on WWE TV at the moment and what he’d like to do with his next big run, Ziggler told WrestleZone had asked for some time to tend to other endeavors and the WWE was kind enough to grant him time off. He's still active at live events and house shows, but he hasn't been on television because of a "couple other things he wanted to tend to." Should that answer be on the up-and-up, these other things could include acting and a budding comedy career.


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While that might come as a relief for Ziggler fans who miss "The Showoff", fans should understand a repacking may still be in the cards.

Ziggler has been one of the most underutilized wrestlers in the WWE in all of 2017. Outside of a program with Shinsuke Nakamura, where he was used to showcase Nakamura upon his main roster debut, Ziggler has not been active in WWE storylines for the better part of a few months. He's struggled to stay relevant, and his character is in need of a reboot.


The fact that he's still on the road and traveling with the rest of the WWE Superstars—the most grueling part of any WWE talent's schedule—should be a sign that this so-called "time off" isn't really as distracting as Ziggler might want people to believe. For a wrestler, the television time they do is some of the lighter parts of their schedule.

Regardless of the reason, Ziggler is a team player that wants to be successful. He's got more than just wrestling in his entertainment portfolio and should whatever come next for him in the WWE not work, he'll have plenty of options to fall back on.

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