Don't Hit Send: 15 Tweets That Got Wrestlers In Trouble

These are 15 wrestlers who got plenty of grief for posting what some people must have thought to be derogatory Tweets.

Twitter’s a wonderful thing, a terrific social media platform used by millions of people throughout the world. Ever since its inception back in 2006, plenty have gotten on board and used the social networking service to communicate to others, find out what others are up to. Plenty of celebs also use Twitter to give fans an insight into their lives, let people know what they’re up to. It’s also used by people to get their opinions out there, but if you’re a celeb, this can be a dangerous thing. A few words could be enough to start Twitter wars, to get a whole lot of abuse hurled your way. These wrestlers are no strangers to that.

Nowadays, the minute you post something on Twitter, if you’re a celeb, it’ll get picked up immediately – just deleting it later won’t stop people taking screen shots of the tweet. The heads of businesses and various corporations also keep an eye on their employee’s Twitter posts, and it’s the same in the wrestling industry. These wrestlers have taken to Twitter, some probably posted whilst in the heat of the moment, others beared it some careful consideration, but it still ended up getting them in trouble. These are 15 wrestlers who got plenty of grief for posting what some people must have thought to be derogatory Tweets.

15 Josh Bredl


Josh Bredl must have expected to burst onto the scene after winning the Tough Enough contest in 2015. He had all the key attributes to be a superstar in the making, and he had acquired quite a fan following too, but he hasn’t quite kicked on since. He’s also gotten quite a lot of heat because of a Tweet he posted in reaction to the Social Outcasts stable. Heath Slater, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas who were much more experienced veterans of the business, so for the new kid on the block to disrespect them – well, it wasn’t a wise move on Bredl’s part.

He referred to them as #socialjobbers, after which tons of rans ripped right into him, and a number of wrestlers also weighed in and didn’t hold back in letting Bredl know what they thought. He deleted the Tweet but the damage had already been done, and it looks like Bredl will be battling it out in NXT for quite some time.

14 Aliyah


Aliyah's young, super-hot, and got in the wrestling business at a young age, but has already gotten into plenty of hot water.

Looking at Jasmin and those of you who follow her as she does her thing in NXT, will know that she seems like a really sweet girl. She looks it and behaves like it too – as much as a wrestler can be sweet anyway. That’s why we were all mightily surprised when news surfaced that Jasmin has once posted a series of really racist tweets, such as: “Ugh…f****** n******…that’s why I chose the white folk,” and many others. They were dug up and understandably, caused plenty of outrage. After the tweets resurfaced, the matter was deemed serious enough to spark an investigation, although it was later discovered that sweet girl Jasmin doesn’t have a dark past, as it was discovered she’d been hacked.

13 Ryback


“Eat. Tweet. Delete. Repeat” is what Ryback’s known as amongst internet wrestling fans, and there’s a reason for it too. The beast is pretty active on social media and loves using Twitter as a platform to share his options – most of which are quite controversial – to his many adoring fans and followers, and haters, for which his tweets are ammo.

After CM Punk parted ways with WWE and did that interview with Colt Cabana, he didn’t hold back. He ripped into a lot of people, including Ryback, who he called dumb for injuring his ribs. This sparked something of a Twitter war because Ryback wasn’t having any of it. He replied, tweeting that CM Punk was “fragile” and “insecure” and even called him out. As soon as things began to heat up between the two, the tweets were deleted, probably due to the trouble that it was starting to cause, at the behest of WWE.

12 Cesaro

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Cesaro’s been around for some time now, has achieved quite a bit of success, and is regarded to be one of the most underrated wrestlers around. He has a fan following who simply adore him, and his posts on social media, but this wasn’t one of his proudest moments – or at least that’s what his fans and everyone else thought at the time. "I hope that old man gets cancer,” in reference to Vince McMahon, was once posted from Cesaro’s Twitter account, and although he knew differently, it caused ton of trouble for Cesaro with people jumping on his back, Some people actually thought he did tweet that message, because Vince hasn’t exactly been Cesaro’s biggest fan. Initially, as you’d expect, Cesaro got in quite a bit of trouble, but it was later discovered his account had been hacked. But it was enough to spark company held meetings within WWE about what wrestlers get up to on the web.

11 Adam Rose


Speaking out against company decisions is not a good idea. Adam should have known this and kept his views to himself. Sure, he wanted to share the reasons behind his suspension with his fans, didn’t want to be made out to be the bad guy, but because of this, because of his tweets, he ended up in a lot more trouble.

It all came about when Adam was handed a suspension of 60 days for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. Adam though, although he had no choice but to accept his fate, couldn’t help himself and ended up digging a bigger hole for himself. This is his tweet in response to his suspension: “I can say right now I did not do anything knowingly wrong and was taking prescribed medication that my Dr and I followed all the correct protocol on.” He was subsequently released, mainly due to his marital issues that had started to affect his wrestling capabilities, but that tweet must have also had something to do with it.

10 Jessicka Havok


Jessicka had a decent time of it in TNA, becoming the Knockouts Champion, but when it came time for her to try and get a shot at the big time, she screwed it up. She screwed up her opportunity because of her Twitter antics from years ago – tweets that came back to haunt her. People began to pick up on tweets she’d posted, in which there were plenty of racist and homophobic slurs. One of those tweets was: “He needs to slap that n****r in the face.”

After starting to delete the tweets, she then came out and said she had no recollection of ever posting them, then started to blame them on an ex of hers who she claims used to use her phone. She admitted that she did post some of those comments and eventually apologized, but it was just too far gone – WWE weren’t going to hire her after that. She’s still wrestling, with ROH, but those tweets have seriously tarnished her reputation.

9 Chris Jericho


Bill DeMott used to be the head trainer at NXT, but it turned out he wasn’t a very popular figure amongst the wrestlers who had trained under him. In 2015, it came to light that a series of allegation had been made against Bill, really damaging allegations of physical and verbal abuse, and instances of sexual harassment, which forced him to resign. People began hating on him on Twitter, but he did have one friend, at least one person who took to Twitter to support him, long-time pal, Chris Jericho. “Hey, @ BillDeMott is a good friend and great trainer. If you can’t handle it then quit,” so nothing too bad there in terms of what was said, except he was sticking up for a man who was alleged to have abused wrestlers. He did eventually delete the tweet, but not before it caused a ton of trouble for him on social media, including his own loyal fans and followers.

8 Cameron


We all know that Ryback doesn’t hold back. He tends to say what he thinks, and has no filter, which makes things very interesting. But you don’t mess with powers at the helm of WWE – mess with them and you get burned. That’s what happened to Ryback in 2016. He spoke out about his issues with the company, saying problems were “not solely about money, but about commitment.”

When he got sent home from Monday Night Raw, support came from the unlikeliest of sources. Cameron tweeted a simple message, but one that got a lot of attention: “@Ryback22 amen brother! “It was a message in support of Ryback’s equal pay but it ended up costing her dearly - a major political mistake internally, because even though she took the tweet down, she eventually got released.

7 Noam Dar


Noam Dar got into wrestling really young, and as of last year, he’s been wrestling in the cruiserweight division of the world’s biggest promotion – and he’s still 23! But being 23 means there’s still some level of immaturity, but judging by his tweets, that’s been a problem for some time. It’s another case of past tweets coming back to haunt a wrestler, although amazingly, the company didn’t really take action, despite the tweets being of a vile and racist nature.

“I stand corrected, it was my girlfriend, I’m still gonna sexually abuse my little brother. #itsalrightonafridaynight,” was just one of those tweets, and although Noam hasn’t faced any repercussions from WWE, he’s faced a ton of backlash from the fans, many of which were eager for him to get ousted from the company, or at least get more than a stern talking to.

6 AJ Lee


When AJ Lee was around, she was one of the most outspoken people on the roster, and we as fans loved her for that. She wasn’t spewing nonsense either – her grievances were always issues that the vast majority of people, fans and wrestlers, felt strongly about. But calling out your boss, Stephanie McMahon wasn’t a great idea. Stephanie had started to praise women’s rights, and that’s something AJ Lee had been campaigning heavily for in wrestling – a bit of double standards there in Lee’s eyes.

She tweeted: “@StephanieMcMahon And yet they receive a fraction of the wages and screen time of the majority of the male roster. #Useyourvoice.” It’s safe to say that Stephanie was furious that Lee had shown her up on Twitter, and Lee didn’t end up having the greatest of times before she eventually departed.

5 Jay Briscoe


In 2013, Jay, who was with ROH at the time, tweeted some really derogatory comments that just showed what kind of a person he really is – the backward views that he possesses. He posted a tweet that was blatantly homophobic, tweets that not only embarrassed himself, but the wrestling world and certainly ROH. He basically condoned violence against gay people, saying he’d “f****** shoot” people who tell his kids “there's nothing wrong with same sex marriage." It was all in response to a bill passed by the Delaware Senate. Here’s that specific tweet: "The Delaware Senate passed a bill yesterday that allows same sex couples to get married. If that makes you happy, then congratulations!!!!!! ... try and teach my kids that there's nothing wrong with that and I'll f***ing shoot you."

Understandably he got a ton of heat over those comments from wrestling fans, but thankfully ROH also did something and what they forced him to do was pretty – as I’m sure many would agree – decent. Not only was he forced to issue a mandatory apology, he also had to donate his pay from his next two ROH events to the charitable organization, Partners Against Hate.

4 Alberto Del Rio


Alberto’s another guy who’s not shy about telling people what he thinks, including his employers. He’s spoken out about how Latino wrestlers have been treated in the past, but this time, in 2015 when he was back in the fold, he actually offended quite a lot of Latinos, and people in general.

When he returned, he joined forced with Zeb Colter, an odd pairing to say the least since they were previously enemies. They kept going on about wanting to form a new country called MexAmerica, but the whole gimmick was just really poorly received, Zeb started responding to the haters on Twitter, and Del Rio felt he had to do the same. He tweeted: “stop worrying @wwezeb haters will always hate and they always look like this.” It offended a lot of people and he was ordered to take the post down.

3 Zahra Schreiber


Zahra Schreiber made quite an impact during her wrestling career, not because of anything she did in the ring, but because of her antics off it, what she got up to with Seth Rollins, but also because of her activity on Twitter, and Instagram. It’s little wonder her contract with WWE was terminated pretty swiftly – they don’t want someone like Zahra to be associated with the company in any which way.

One tweet that created plenty of outrage, was: Disney Store having Tiana dolls in stock is "a sign that black parents don't buy their kids toys." This tweet combined with many others got the ball rolling to her sacking, but it was those Instagram posts depicting her with Nazi imagery that essentially put the nail in the coffin.

2 Randy Orton


Randy only got lightly reprimanded for this, but it was truly disgusting behavior. The tweet that got him in trouble was: “Look @kimklro I met the Latino Ms. Piggy today at the gym. I wish you were there to have a good laugh with me! #MsPig.” It was a vile tweet in reference to a fan Randy had met at the gym, he thought she looked like Ms Piggy and decided to share his thoughts on this hilarious comparison with the Twitter world and his girlfriend, who he tagged into the tweet.

It was later revealed that the reason he’d been so rude was because that fan had been stalking Randy and his girlfriend, sending them lots of private messages, so Randy decided to have a laugh at her expense. He still got plenty of flack over the post though, had to issue an apology and take the tweet down.

1 Hulk Hogan


The Hulkster’s antics on Twitter – general antics, not the derogatory comments he makes – are just hilarious. He’s been described as an old relic who’s trying to get with the times, is just trying to make sense of this whole new thing called social media. Some of the things he’s said or has responded to are just laughable, but on quite a few occasions, he’s gotten himself into plenty of hot water because of his posts.

Hogan’s dropped the “N” word quite a few times, and of course, being the public figure and superstar that he is, fans haven’t been best pleased. Some fans have come out in support of him though, and Hogan decided to retweet one of their messages: “Bi-racial President Obama uses N word, is applauded and keeps his job. @HulkHogan uses N word, is vilified and loses his job.” A simple retweet of this message lost him plenty of fans, gained him plenty of haters, and led to WWE distancing themselves from him in every which way and making a concerted effort to cut him out of their brand entirely.

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