Doritos In Ice Cream? WWE Superstar Shows Off Strange Dessert

Thanks to their campy humor and extreme kid-friendly personalities, The New Day is among one of the most popular tag team factions in recent memory. Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston have incredible microphone skills and entertain fans with their favorite snack, Booty O's.

The New Day is never scared to try new things in life, nor are they afraid to share the unique lifestyles they live. This time, Xavier Woods revealed a snack that he loves to eat. WARNING: It sounds kind of gross. But any way, have a look for yourself:

There are two types of junk food in this world: Salty and sweet. Very few snacks taste good when you combine the two, but Woods has revolutionized the Doritos and ice cream dessert, which is probably much more fattening than Booty O's.

The good news for Woods is that he doesn't appear to be alone in testing this. One of his fellow WWE superstars is also in awe:

Just a warning, kids. There are 907 calories in one bag of Doritos chips, and 260-330 calories per pint of Breyers ice cream. But because Woods is an active professional wrestler and extremely fit, he can easily get away with easing as much Doritos-ice cream snacks as he wants.

Woods truly is a man of greatness. On top of being a professional wrestler, he has PhD from Capella University in educational psychology. The man is also an avid gamer, and apparently a genius at creating brand new dessert snacks.

When all three members of The New Day hang up their wrestling boots one day, it's safe to say that they should considering making their own food line. From Booty O's cereal to a Doritos/ice cream dessert, they really are off to a great start. We truly wonder what comes next from The New Day's kitchen.


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