Drag-Team: 15 Terrible Tag Team Gimmicks WWE Actually Thought Would Work

While WWE has come up with some incredible ideas of the years, from the character of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock to the creation of Vince McMahon they are also the same company who come up with terrible ideas such as Sexual Chocolate. Not every idea can be golden, that much is obvious, but some of the shocking creations that have taken place within WWE over the years makes you question whether the creative team was drunk when they came up with them.

But it isn't just storylines and promos that have been beyond the realm of stupidity, it has also been gimmicks and characters that simply haven't made sense, with the WWE Universe clearly never excepting them. Despite how talented the men and women might be at cutting a promo or working a match, the gimmicks themselves sometimes are that dumb that no matter what the performers do, they simply can't get over.

Granted, sometimes wacky gimmicks that on paper sound daft can work incredibly, just look at the incredible career of The Undertaker as proof, but those are rare in the world of WWE. This list will look strictly at the tag team division and 15 of the dumbest gimmicks WWE has given teams that they actually thought would work.

15 Shining Stars

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Travel agents... need I say any more? After suffering the equally poor Los Matadores gimmick, Primo and Epico probably hoped something better was on the horizon for them in WWE. Sadly that was not to be the case. While both men have plenty of talent in the ring, this gimmick was never, ever going to work. No matter how many vignettes WWE played ahead of their arrival, and there was plenty of them, the fans couldn't, and still haven't got onboard with it.

Both men are attempting to sell the idea that they come from the 'Shining Star' of the Caribbean and that is about it. There is no real reason for it, nothing adds to their storylines or characters and it is just ridiculous.

14 High Energy

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When you think about the greatest tag teams of all time, the Hart Foundation might come to your mind, therefore it may well surprise you to see Owen Hart ranking on this list, yet here he is.

In a gimmick that fans of Owen might want you to forget, before his career really took off he teamed with WWE Hall Of Famer, Koko. B Ware in a frankly terrible team. While both men were fine in the ring, the outfits just made them look ridiculous. There was no real purpose to them, just that they were two talented wrestlers with plenty of energy... yes it was that silly. When you look at the outfits they worked in, it is no real surprise this team isn't remembered.

13 Deuce And Domino

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What's that, you don't remember Duece and Domino? Well, you are forgiven, as the gimmick was incredibly dumb and the team didn't last forever in WWE so it's no real surprise if fans no longer remember the pair.

Coming to the ring looking like something out of the movie Grease, it would not have looked out of place to see them break into song as soon as they hit the stage. From the leather jackets to the greasy hair, nothing about this was cool or relevant. The fact they were billed: "From the wrong side of the tracks," should tell you everything you need to know about this team. Oh, and there manager, Cherry, used to come to the ring on rollerblades, and you wonder why they didn't catch on.

12 Mexicools

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WWE simply loves to have gimmicks surrounding foreign wrestlers and their home countries, they just can't help themselves when it comes to playing with every stereotype in the book if they have the opportunity.

That's why when WWE put Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, and Super Crazy together you knew exactly what the company had in mind. From riding around on lawnmowers to the heavy focus on racial stereotypes, the entire gimmick was a mess from the start. While they all had talent, nobody was really provided with a chance to showcase it behind the overalls and the focus on everything Mexican.

11 Gymini

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When you only get referred to as #1 and #2 rather than being provided with names, you know that you have been handed a bad set of cards, which was exactly what happened to the Shane Twins when they were brought in as Gymini.

With Simon Dean as there manager, his gimmick was someone who was supposedly a major fitness freak and the twins were examples of people who had been using his supplements. While they were not too bad in the ring, they were presented so poorly, in plain black trunks, the gimmick was just incredibly dumb and the fans didn't buy it for a second.

10 Rosey And The Hurricane

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Of course, WWE is the place for strange and over the top gimmicks, there has to be at least a few on a roster to make it something different and The Hurricane was just that, mixing comedy and good in-ring skills together well.

He had an incredible run and was very popular with his work against The Rock being fondly remembered by fans. However, WWE saw an opportunity to expand their superhero universe and provided Rosey to the world. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and this was exactly that. Seeing the pair together didn't help Hurricane, or make Rosey standout, instead just highlighted how ridiculous the whole thing was, to begin with.

9 Mega Powers 2.0

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The original Mega Powers was clearly an incredible gimmick idea, putting Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan together as two iconic forces, it created a memorable duo that fans still remember fondly to this day.

That is why WWE attempted to rip it off because all good things must be copied eventually by WWE, as that is what they do. Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow both dressed up like Hogan and Savage and pretended to be them in the ring. While it caught on at first, giving people a laugh with a nostalgic nod to the two legends, people quickly became tired of it. Which comes as no surprise as they were simply living off someone else's name.

8 Well Dunn

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Moving into WWE, this tag team had been incredibly successful and should have made a major splash for Vince McMahon's company, until they were named Timothy Well and Steve Dunn, making Well Dun.

An obviously stupid and corny name, the team already started out on the wrong foot with fans, not appearing, or sounding exciting by any stretch of the imagination. Add to that the fact that they then wore some of the worst wrestling outfits in history and they were indeed well done, with the audience. A wrestling singlet with a thong over the top and bow ties around their necks, this team was always destined to fail in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

7 Men On A Mission

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Royalty is always a difficult gimmick to pull off and while a few people, such as Booker T and William Regal have achieved it, others, such as Men On A Mission, have not, with this gimmick never taking off the ground.

Both Mabel and Mo were never the most exciting wrestlers to watch due to their size, which didn't help matters, but when WWE took away the things that made them popular, such as rapping and dancing and replacing it with crowns and royalty was always going to be a major curse. The dreadful purple outfits that they wore, the terrible puns that they said, it was just a gimmick that was only going to take them one place... obscurity.

6 Natural Disasters

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With a name like Natural Disasters, compromised of Earthquake and Typhoon (legitimately), it isn't a massive surprise that this incredibly over-gimmicked team didn't take off.

While they weren't the least successful teams, in fact at the start of their run the two huge men were actually fairly dominant, their physical limitations eventually came through and the fact WWE were pushing them as 'natural disasters' was never going to work. Of course, having real natural disasters for names just added to the entire gimmick and was just overkill in all areas.

5 The Dicks

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Yes, this seriously was a tag team name that WWE promoted, The Dicks. While in the current PG landscape fans will laugh at the idea of a team named The Dicks, even during their run during an edgier period in history, fans still didn't accept the idea.

Why? Well, it's very obvious why, because even if they were incredibly in the ring, with a tag team name like that, they were never going to be a hit as it is incredibly stupid. You have to question how this managed to get through a creative meeting. The fact that they covered themselves in baby oil, something they would actually use as a weapon from time to time and were portrayed as Chippendale Dancers also didn't help, the entire thing was simply a mess.

4 The Bushwhackers

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While they might now be in the Hall of Fame, don't let that fool you that this was a terrible gimmick that nobody really understood or got behind, yet they were just well remembered for it.

Waving their arms around and licking fans heads (something that would never happen today) was about as far as this gimmick went, they were simply two crazy men who also happened to be wrestlers. This gimmick did eventually change for them with a more violent turn, which is when they began to be taken more seriously, which had to happen because the original gimmick was dumb and didn't work.

3 Billy And Chuck

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Billy Gunn was part of one of the greatest tag teams in history alongside Road Dogg as the New Age Outlaws, therefore seeing him in this brand new role was quite the step down for the veteran wrestler. His partner, Chuck Palumbo, while not as successful, was no slouch in the ring either and could have had a solid career had he not been provided with this truly awful gimmick. As over the top gay caricatures, they nailed every homosexual stereotype in the book.

WWE made a big mistake with this team when they attempted to work with the legitimate organization, GLAAD, who work against defamation of homosexuals and were incredibly offended when WWE pulled out of the pair coming out on television during their 'marriage' angle.

2 Shawn Michaels And God

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Okay, this might have only been for one night only, but the entire premise around this was so stupid that it had to be included. Yes, you read it correctly, at one point WWE had Shawn Michaels team up with... God.

During a feud with Vince McMahon, with Spirit Squad by his side, the chairman played on HBK's religion and said his partner could be God himself. Funnily enough, nobody showed up (although it would not have been a surprise to see WWE make someone dress as God). However, the fact that WWE even provided God with an entrance during the match, which was a spotlight to the ring, proved how ridiculous the entire thing was, not to mention offensive.

1 Spirit Squad

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Five male cheerleaders, that is an idea that WWE seriously thought that fans were going to take seriously. Not only did WWE expect five rookies to make a cheerleader gimmick work, but they decided to put them against megastars in the form of DX.

While the feud itself was very entertaining, making Spirit Squad well remembered by wrestling fans from that time, the group never took off in the way that WWE had actually hoped for. Even though Dolph Ziggler eventually made a long-term career for himself (after being repackaged) the group itself didn't, mainly because fans did not take them seriously. Not to mention they were treated like jokes the entire time they were on the main roster.

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