There are a number of fans in the WWE Universe happy to see Rockstar Spud make his WWE debut. Spud showed up last week as the new general manager for 205 Live and he’ll be adding 140 pounds of personality as he bosses around the Cruiserweight Division. He just won’t be doing it as Rockstar Spud.

Introduced under the new name Drake Maverick, many of those same people excited to see him debut aren’t completely sold on the new name. But, as former WWE and ECW Superstar Taz speculated on his radio show, there may be a logical reason for this.

Taz discussed Spud’s 205 Live debut and he had an interesting take on the name change. According to Taz, WWE likely changed his ring name from Rockstar Spud to Drake Maverick because another WWE Superstar currently has “Rockstar” all tied up. That person is Shinsuke Nakamura.

Shinsuke Nakamura

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Earlier in 2017, WWE applied to trademark “WWE Rockstars” which from the description in the application appears to be for the intended use of giving it to a talent. PWInsider reported, at that time, WWE started referring to Shinsuke Nakamura as ‘Rock Star’, making the connection pretty easy.


While it’s not a nickname that has necessarily caught on for Nakamura in WWE, the company is not fond of using similar names for different superstars. There was a time that WWE was rumored not to be interested in AJ Styles because they had AJ Lee on the roster and as silly as that sounds, it explains why WWE would refuse to let Rockstar Spud use his original name.

That said, there may be more to it than just the “rockstar” portion of the name. With Maverick being the new GM of 205 Live, perhaps WWE felt it best to give a more conservative name to their new manager. That they chose Drake Maverick as the winner of whatever names they tossed around is a debate for another day.

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