Drake Maverick Has Been Searching For R-Truth At SDCC Dressed As A Banana

Clearly, as soon as Drake Maverick discovered R-Truth was headed to San Diego Comic-Con, he knew how he would be spending his week.

Soon after the introduction of the 24/7 Championship, it became clear who was going to make that title famous. R-Truth. Despite the title only being two months old, Truth is already a nine-time 24/7 Champion. His current reign began earlier this week when he pinned former champion, Drake Maverick in the honeymoon suite of a hotel, right before the GM was about to consummate his marriage.

As good as Truth's 24/7 exploits have been, he was always going to need someone to complete what has become the perfect double act. That man is unquestionably Maverick. The 205 Live GM's desperate attempts to be 24/7 Champion have been hilarious to watch. So far, he has managed to clinch the title on two separate occasions, but that still isn't enough for Maverick.

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On SmackDown this week, Truth's right-hand woman Carmella suggested the champ hideout at San Diego Comic-Con. Because why wouldn't you go somewhere filled with thousands of people to get away from, well, people? Either way, Truth went along with the idea and to no one's surprise, Maverick has followed him there. Plus, for some bizarre reasons, the Brit has shown up to SDCC dressed as a banana.

Weirdly, Banana Maverick's first port of call was a WWE panel that didn't include Truth at all. As you can see in the video above, the Macho Man bandana and sunglasses were fooling nobody. Eventually, Maverick gives up the facade and starts to frantically ask anyone who will listen where Truth is. He then proceeds to hand out flyers to fans as well as his fellow WWE Superstars on stage.

Some fan-shot footage of Maverick from SDCC has also surfaced online. Still dressed as a banana, and still handing out flyers, Maverick questions why everyone is stood around filming him and if they think his situation is funny. Sadly for the two-time champion, it doesn't look like his wife Renee Michelle has made the trip to San Diego. We're assuming that means their marriage is still to be consummated.

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