Drake Maverick May Have To Pin His Own Wife To Become 24/7 Champion Again

Now that Carmella is 24/7 Champion, it seems as if Renee Michelle is taking a "can't beat them, join them" mentality.

WWE gave the 24/7 Title picture a much-needed shot in the arm this week. It did so by finally having Carmella pin R-Truth to become champion. We have been waiting for that to happen the entire time she's been helping Truth escape from the ensuing crowd. Now, Truth is returning the favor and at the time of typing this, 'Mella has been champ for four days.

Aside from Truth, the other biggest contributor to elevating the 24/7 Title has been Drake Maverick. The 205 Live GM even allowed WWE to use his wedding ceremony as a stage for a title change. The running joke is that Maverick has since been neglecting his wife in favor of chasing the championship.

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Now that a female Superstar is champion, it seems as if the tables may have turned. On Thursday, Maverick's wife Renee Michelle posted a video on Twitter. The caption reads "If you want something done you have to do it yourself!" and starts with a shot of Michelle printing "wanted" posters featuring a picture of Carmella. Michelle begins her search at the mall but has no luck finding the champ.

While filming herself leaving the mall, she bumps into her husband. Maverick is less than pleased when he discoveres what Michelle is up to, even taking her phone away. Clearly, it didn't take long for Michelle to get her phone back. Either that or Maverick accidentally posted the video on her behalf. He is quite the bumbling fool, so we wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

It seems as if the build is now beginning to Michelle becoming 24/7 Champion. On both Raw and SmackDown this week, the usual crowd of chasing Superstars has been replaced with one made up of female talent. We would not be surprised to see Michelle stroll up to Carmella when she thinks she is safe, only to roll her up and win what her husband desires most. That will beg the question, would Maverick stoop as low as to pin his own wife?

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