Drew McIntyre Revealed As The Fifth & Final Member Of Team Flair

Team Flair is now complete following The Nature Boy's announcement on Raw that a returning Drew McIntyre is his fifth and final pick.

Considering the precedent set by previous WWE events in Saudi Arabia, fans would be right to worry that we were headed towards a Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair match at Crown Jewel. That is technically happening but neither man will need to wrestle. Instead, the Hall of Famers were tasked with picking five Superstars each to represent them in Saudi Arabia.

The selections kicked off right away with Seth Rollins revealing himself as captain of Team Hogan. However, Rollins has since been replaced by Roman Reigns since he has other business to attend to at Crown Jewel with Bray Wyatt. Last week, Hogan also revealed his final two selections, Ali and Chad Gable. This week on Raw, Flair completed his own team of five.

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The Nature Boy opened Raw with a passionate promo and gave the fifth and final member of Team Flair quite the introduction. That man turned out to be Drew McIntyre who has been out of action for more than a month. The Scot's return was teased after he was picked by Raw during the draft, and confirmed by Naitch on Monday night. We didn't have to wait until next week for the former NXT Champion's in-ring return either.

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McIntyre gave fans a preview of what we can expect at Crown Jewel next week, and he did so with Ricochet who will be representing Team Hogan. The match was quite something, as is becoming a trend with opening matches on Raw and SmackDown. Despite a number of false finishes, it was Flair's guy who picked up the win, and the 16-time World Champion watched the win from ringside.

When McIntyre re-debuted on the main roster, he was treated as an almost unstoppable machine. However, somewhere along the way, WWE lost sight of what they once envisioned for McIntyre. Now that The Scot has had a break, and returned with a big win on night one, perhaps this will be something of a reset for him. By this time next year, we're hoping McIntyre will have been a World Champion in WWE.

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