WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre To Be Inducted Into Another Promotion's Hall Of Fame

Drew McIntyre will be returning to Insane Championship Wrestling on Feb. 12, 2018, to be inducted into the promotion's Hall of Fame.

There was once a time when WWE, or more specifically Vince McMahon, was very much in the business of trying to become the only game in town. McMahon managed to outlast and absorb all of his competitors and other wrestling territories and build the global empire that he is in charge of today.

In 2018, however, that is no longer the case. In fact, WWE is so far ahead of even their closest competitors that they are in the business of helping out other promotions. They currently work very closely with British promotions Progress Wrestling and ICW so they can continue to build their brand in the UK, plus, McMahon even gave his blessing for Chris Jericho to wrestle Kenny Omega in NJPW.

When it comes to the aforementioned ICW WWE have actually done them a couple of favors. Last year, Finn Balor returned to the Scottish promotion and played the role of commissioner for the evening. In February, however, another Superstar under contract with WWE will be returning to Insane Championship Wrestling, and that man is Drew McIntyre. The Scot will make an appearance so that he can be inducted into the promotion's Hall of Fame.

McIntyre is a very deserving inductee into the promotion's Hall of Fame. Before he ever stepped foot in WWE and was labeled The Chosen One, he wrestled for ICW and became the company's first ever Heavyweight Champion. Seven years later, after being released by WWE, he returned to ICW. It was the first appearance he made post-WWE and a little over three months later he won the promotion's Heavyweight Title for the second time.


The world of pro wrestling can be such a divided place at times from promotions not sharing their talent to fans constantly squabbling online. It's nice to see gestures like this one from WWE and that they are allowing their relationships with ICW and Progress to be given and take situations. McIntyre is a huge part of ICW's history, and it's only right that he be in attendance for his Hall of Fame induction.

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