Drew McIntyre Back Training At The Performance Center After Injury

Drew McIntyre's latest Twitter post suggests that he is already well and truly on the comeback trail from his injury at NXT Takeover: WarGames.

While injuries in pro wrestling have obviously been part and parcel of the industry since its humble beginnings, nowadays, it feels like Superstars get injured a lot more frequently. Some attribute that to the high flying, high-risk style that is the norm nowadays, while others recognize that more wrestlers and more wrestling will naturally lead to more injuries and it is simply a numbers game.

Some injuries are more unfortunately timed than others. Finn Balor's, for instance, probably couldn't have happened at a worse time for his WWE career. Drew McIntyre's recent injury was pretty poorly timed too. In the closing moments of the Scot's NXT Title defense at NXT Takeover: WarGames McIntyre suffered a bicep injury that has seen him sidelined ever since.


That was back in November of course as it happened over Survivor Series weekend and there is no exact time frame on his come back. It seems as if the former NXT Champion may already be closing in on a comeback, however. On Wednesday McIntyre posted a photo of a wrestling ring at WWE's Performance Center citing that the ring has always been the one constant he could call home.

Aside from the injury itself, the other worrying thing about WWE Superstars being sidelined is Vince McMahon getting it in his head that they are injury prone. Samoa Joe is running that risk right now following his latest issue with his foot. Drew McIntyre doesn't want to join that list. It's plain to see that the chairman once saw something in the British star purely from his last run on the main roster, so if he keeps himself injury free the future looks bright for McIntyre in WWE.


Again, the timeline for McIntyre's return from injury isn't a clear one and who knows where the former champ is at right now. He could very well be back at the Performance Center and working on his comeback, or the photo posted to Twitter could be an old one and the Scot is simply feeling nostalgic. Either way, we wish him well and we're looking forward to seeing him back inside the ring.

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Drew McIntyre Back Training At The Performance Center After Injury