The Rock Played A Pivotal Role In Nia Jax's Leave Of Absence

WWE women's superstar Nia Jax walked out during last week's edition of Monday Night Raw, and it was reported by Justin Barrasso Sports Illustrated that she was unhappy with her pay. Her real-life connection with The Rock gave Jax plenty of leverage in any possible negotiations, as Barrasso pointed out, and maybe he gave her some advice on the situation.

Now, Barrasso gave another update suggesting that The Rock actually played a pivotal role in Jax's leave of absence. Jax wasn't pleased about the idea of losing to Sasha Banks at TLC, so she called The Rock to see if he could give any pointers. As it turns out, it was his idea for Jax to walk out if she was dissatisfied. So she did just that.

Don't expect Jax to be out of the WWE soon. Recently, Jax sent out a Tweet suggesting she will be competing at Survivor Series, which means she'll likely appear on Raw in the near future.


Jax is among a handful of superstars that walked out of the WWE to protest their unhappiness with the company. Neville left Raw last week and has been discontent with his position for a while. His future is unclear at this time. Nobody can forget CM Punk walking out prior to a Jan. 2014 episode of Raw, either.

But in Jax's case, this isn't somebody the WWE can possibly lose. Being The Rock's cousin —and one of the top female talents on the roster—they'll have no choice but to work on making Jax more content with her role. There would be a major outcry from fans (and Rock) if Jax left the WWE.

With Survivor Series just weeks away, the WWE will want to resolve this matter quickly. Jax will most certainly be performing there, so they'll have to get her back on television before the event takes place.


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