DX Two Decades Later: 15 Recent Behind The Scenes Pics Of What They Look Like Today

If you enjoy breaking the rules and feeling the anti-authoritarian love, then this list is for you.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. TheSportster proudly brings to you the greatest sports content in the WOOOOOORLD! We have 15 recent pictures of our favorite D-Generation X members so if you enjoy breaking the rules and feeling the anti-authoritarian love, then this list is for you. D-Generation X was started by Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna in August of 1997 but after WrestleMania XIV, Michaels left the business so Triple H decided to bring in an army.

The DX-Army would sweep through the WWE Universe and even landed on the shores of WCW. Their style and charisma made for great television and they'll go down as one of the best stables in the history of the industry. With the exception of the late Chyna, every member of DX is still involved in wrestling in one way or another.

We all know Triple H wants HBK down in NXT and it could be a permanent stay, but do you know what the other guys have been up to recently? Enjoy or we've got to two words for ya!

15 Like Father, Like Son


Oh, you didn’t know? Well, you better call somebody and let everyone know Gunn has a son in the industry. Austin Sopp or Austin Gunn, which ever you prefer, started his wrestling career this year and his proud father has let everyone know about it on social media. Billy even posted his son’s first match on his Facebook account for everyone to watch.



Billy Gunn’s son Austin is ready for the ring but we doubt Road Dogg’s granddaughter is. Brian James is getting a lot of heat for the failed Battleground PPV hosted by SmackDown Live but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to post on Twitter. As the top backstage producer for the program, Dogg doesn’t sit back on social media but actually engages with fans and critics.

13 Captain X-Pac?


Sean Waltman, or better known as X-Pac, isn’t trying out for a guest appearance in a Star Trek movie but he definitely would have made a great side kick to Captain Kirk. No offense to X-Pac, but one of his main roles in DX was being a sidekick to Triple H. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and he did win several single and Tag Titles while a member of the notorious stable.

12 Catching Up With The Fans


Mr. WrestleMania does make appearances and this picture came in June at Frank & Son’s Collectible Show. We doubt HBK needs the money, maybe he does, but it’s pretty cool that he still wants to connect with the fans. For $75 you could have gotten an individual autographed or photo op with the legend himself.

11 With The Boys In Hollywood


That’s Billy Gunn with his two sons, Colten (left) and Austin (far right), at the CWFHollywood WrestleCenter. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is a California based wrestling company that appears on KDOC-TV since 2010. You can also watch their content online. Gunn is 53 years old and still wrestles on the indie circuit today. In June, he worked five of Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore events.

10 Backstage Shenanigans


Only in the WWE can you have one of your producer’s give the camera the “Suck It” pose. Anyone else still get goosebumps the night after WrestleMania XIV? With Shawn Michaels taking a long hiatus from wrestling, Triple H was left with the reigns, so what did he do? He restocked the army and created a great stable.

9 The Champions Are Here


Fans have been craving for Shawn Michaels to have one more match in the ring. Although it won’t likely happen, stranger things of played out in the WWE. He isn’t wrestling but the leader and founding member of DX have been making a lot of moves in the entertainment industry as of late. He has recently played key roles in two movies, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and Pure Country Pure Heart, and has been making the media rounds for both films.

8 From Wrestlers To Producers


It’s comforting to know that actual professional wrestlers who had success are at the front lines in the production department. It’s a known fact many in the WWE Universe hate non-wrestler and WWE VP Kevin Dunn for some of the decisions he has made. As a member of WWE’s Board of Directors and one of the longest tenured employees in the company, we doubt he leaves unless there is a freak scandal.

7 What Triple H Watches


We showed you Road Dogg and Triple H looking at some monitors but we figured we give you a glimpse as to what they’re actually watching. We all know Triple H has one distinctive bald head so try not to pay too much attention to him but focus on the monitors. Triple H and the WWE shared this photo involving a recent NXT match with Kassius Ohno and who appears to be Hideo Itami.

6 A Potential Hollywood Star


Directed by Damon Santostefano, Pure County Pure Heart follows teenage sisters Ada and Piper when they discover a letter connected to their late father. Their father sadly died while fighting in Iraq and the letter sends them on a journey to find out about the man they never got to know.

5 Still Working The Indie Scene


Although he’s 45 years old and has a lot of wear and tear on the body, X-Pac still works the indie circuit. This photo was taken recently at one of the shows and you can tell he still tries to keep his body in shape. X-Pac has worked several matches this year, including teaming up with Moose at Preston City Wrestling Tribute to the Troops in June.

4 When Stables Collide


You see all that energy surrounding these four warriors of the ring? We don’t want to get them too close to each other, they might set off a nuclear chain reaction that rips our universe into shreds. It’s always a welcome sight to see The Kliq together. Whether it’s backstage or in the ring, these guys always make the fans pop. Just imagine if Kevin Nash and Scott Hall didn’t jump ship for WCW and stayed in the WWE. DX’s stable would be up to the brim in talent.

3 NJPW & The Gunn


As we mentioned earlier, Billy Gunn is still active on the indie circuit. This also includes a huge match with Japanese legend and IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. For some reason, NJPW thought it would be a great idea to have the former DX member face one of their biggest stars at their G1 Special in Long Beach, California.

2 Shawn's New Job 


Yup, HBK is the latest to transition slowly into his new role behind the scenes. After moving his family to the Florida area, it was evident Shawn was working on something with NXT. It now seems as though that's coming to fruition as HBK's been posting multiple pics of late working the gorilla position with the head-set on. Alongside Steve Corino in this shot, Shawn even as another picture next to high up NXT worker, Matt Bloom.

Talent such as Roderick Strong have also praised Shawn for his involvement backstage as of late. Looks like HBK is starting to blossom as a regular behind the scenes with NXT. This is exciting news, and something the brand can only benefit from giving his decades and decades of excellence.

1 A Future Champion?


Taken during the tapings of WWE’s May Young Classic which features 32 female competitors from around the world, this is a very big sign that the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, could eventually end up in the WWE. If she's no longer competing in the UFC and Hollywood isn’t calling her to make movies our television ads, then we wouldn’t be surprised if she takes the money and joins the company.

She did lose twice in her career, but that doesn’t mean she still can’t be booked as a tough S.O.B. With several of her MMA friends in the tournament, you know she’s just itching to have some kind of role with the company. Don’t forget, the WWE and UFC have a working relationship because of Brock Lesnar so communication and permission wouldn’t be a problem for The Game.

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DX Two Decades Later: 15 Recent Behind The Scenes Pics Of What They Look Like Today