2-0: Dynamite Beats NXT In Ratings For The Second Week In A Row

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite has beaten WWE's NXT in ratings for the second straight week following a victorious debut on October 2.

AEW's TV show is now two episodes deep and it appears that curiosity was not the only reason for the excellent ratings last week.

NXT - having moved to USA Network in what seems like a play to rival Tony Khan's company - pulled in 790,000 viewers on Wednesday night, way less than the 891,000 it attracted last week, per ShowbuzzDaily.

Dynamite, on the other hand, scored 1.018 million viewers, remaining over the 1 million mark albeit suffering a drop from last week's 1.409 million. But there were 122,000 more viewers on True TV, which takes the total up to 1.140.

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That there was MLB action on both TNT and TBS could have something to do with the drop in AEW's ratings this week, while both shows had to compete with Basketball Wives (1.342 million viewers), Tucker Carlson Tonight (3.244) and Anderson Cooper 360 (1.206). Playoff baseball, though was the biggest competitor on the night, having drawn 5.856 million viewers - and unsurprisingly so.

Meanwhile, the post-HIAC Raw on Monday brought in 2.334 million viewers for WWE.

The giant promotion congratulated AEW following the startup's TNT debut last week but the latter's stars haven't been very accepting. AEW World Champion Chris Jericho claimed that embarrassment was behind the WWE statement and Jon Moxley dropped his two cents this week.

"So literally the entire industry all over the world is benefiting from the fact that now there's a viable alternative," the former WWE man declared. "And once we hit 10 o'clock and we got two hours in the can the other night and we were like, we did it, high five, there and now we got the ratings out, there is a viable alternative. You know what I mean? This is real. This actually happened.

"I'm sure there are a lot of people that are going to keep wanting to wake up from the nightmare and like, this isn't really real, but oh, this is happening and this is 100% real.

"And it's great for everybody and it's great most...and I don't say this to try to do some corporate-speak like that passive-aggressive a** WWE statement the other day. But it is, ultimately the fans benefit because they get to see these guys who are, all across the board are more inspired, or from the indies getting hyped up. All across the board, everybody's more passionate."

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Just Give Us The Wrestling

It would appear that AEW's making a serious statement after pulling over a million viewers and beating NXT in both of its shows. But these Wednesday Night Wars are far from over and, as we've been preaching, we're just here to enjoy good wrestling from both of these companies.

Of course, it helps that there's a lot more news to bring to you wonderful folks too.

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