Dynamite's Controversial Finish Has Fans Split

Jon Moxley and PAC did battle in the main event of this week's Dynamite, but the match ending in a time limit draw didn't sit well with Mox.

Ever since AEW revealed itself to the world all the way back in January of this year, it has claimed that it will try to bring a more sports-like feel to pro wrestling. One of the ways in which it has been trying to do that is by re-introducing time limits to matches. Time limits used to be a mainstay in the business, with Ric Flair famously wrestling in a wealth of 60-minute broadways over the course of his career.

AEW has not leaned on the crutch of matches being able to end honors-even too often. In fact, prior to this week's Dynamite, only one match has ended due to the clock running out. That was Cody Rhodes versus Darby Allin back at Fyter Fest. Rhodes spent so long showing off during the match that he lost track of time and the match ended in a draw.

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On Wednesday night, AEW's second draw took place. Jon Moxley and PAC clashed in the show's main event after not getting along as tag partners last week. The former WWE Superstars went to war, as you'd expect. As the ten-second countdown began, Moxley hit PAC with the Paradigm Shift and quickly covered the Brit. It wasn't enough though, and as PAC kicked out, it became clear that the match would end in a tie.

As soon as fans in-house realized time had run out, boos echoed around the arena. Moxley reacted poorly too, hitting the referee with a Paradigm Shift before taking his leave. Although fans in the arena might feel as if they were cheated out of a finish, those watching at home didn't seem to mind. Viewers took to Twitter to praise the match, and that includes its out-of-the-ordinary ending.

As for what fans should have expected from this one, there was always going to be a modicum of funny business involved. Moxley and PAC are two of AEW's top names, so to have one lose to the other at this juncture would not make much sense. We were expecting some sort of run-in, maybe from Kenny Omega since he has issues with both men, but a draw works just as well. Well, obviously not for Moxley, but never mind.

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