Dynamite Viewership Dips Below 1 Million For The First Time

AEW Dynamite was watched by less than one million people for the first time this week while NXT dropped below 700,000 viewers.

Whether either side wants to admit it or not, there is a Wednesday Night War going on between NXT and AEW. That's why fans eagerly await the viewership figures to drop each week. So far, Dynamite has been watched by more fans than NXT each and every week and due to the gap between the two, it doesn't seem as if that will be changing any time soon.

Dynamite's debut episode was watched by an impressive 1.4 million people, with episodes two and three just managing to break the one million benchmark. NXT, on the other hand, drew almost 900,000 viewers during its first proper week on USA, then dropped down to 790,000, and dropped again to 712,000 last week.

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While both sides might be pleased with their ratings, they'll also be trying to stop the decline and get their respective numbers to settle. Week four's numbers are in and that hasn't happened yet. Dynamite's average viewership dropped below one million for the first time, clocking in at 963,000. Meanwhile, NXT's rating has dropped below the 700,000 threshold for the first time, boasting 698,000 average viewers. So its 4-0 to AEW, but that won't be its take home from these numbers.

The most shocking part of all of this is fans seem to be enjoying both products about as much as either side could have hoped. Those watching both shows have been split over which show is better, and others are going back and forth with each passing week. Nevertheless, as with Raw and SmackDown, both Dynamite and NXT continue to lose viewers every seven days.

Both sides will be questioning what it's going to take to get their numbers to hold steady. Until then, there will be no focus on trying to up the number. AEW and TNT will probably be happy with one million viewers each week, but judging by the current trend, Dynamite might fall further and further short of seven figures with each passing week. We'd recommend both sides continue doing what they're doing, but clearly that isn't pleasing enough people.

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