Triple Crown Champion Re-signs With Impact Wrestling

Despite the incredibly negative connotations that comes with the name TNA/Impact Wrestling, and the fact that they’ve lost plenty of top stars in recent times, they’ve actually managed to put on a fairly entertaining show in recent times. Now they've finally got some good news on wrestlers and contracts. After losing EC3, Chris Adonis and Laurel Van Ness, they’ve brought in Austin Aries and have now managed to retain the services of longtime TNA star, Eddie Edwards.

As it always happens with people and their Impact contracts, there were many rumors that he was on his way out when it expired ‘sometime in February' (that’s all we knew), and with WWE looking for veteran stars in NXT, it was believed that was a very strong possibility. But according to many sources within the wrestling business, the man formerly one half of The Wolves with Davey Richards is going to be staying put with Impact, giving them some sort of assurance and consistency as we continue on in 2018.

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The last big news regarding Edwards was a few weeks back when he competed in a brutal hardcore match in which he was hospitalized by Sami Calihan and a stray baseball bat. But Edwards has always been a very important part of Impact Wrestling, and it should continue that way as we go forward. Sure, he may be a better tag team wrestler than on his own, but he’s still a great solo performer, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he got a big push beginning at the next set of tapings.

So what do you guys think? Is this a good move for Impact? Would you have liked to have seen Edwards in the WWE, or even reunited somewhere with Davey Richards? Does this tempt you to tune in, or continue to tune into Impact? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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