10 Best Eddie Guerrero Rivalries Ever

WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero was tragically taken from us too early 14 years ago, but his legacy as one of the most decorated and admired superstars still lives on.

Guerrero's total tenure in WWE lasted less than five years, but he still accomplished more than what most superstars can dream of. The 2006 Hall of Fame inductee went from underused Cruiserweight in WCW to a top-tier babyface and main event talent in the WWE.

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There were many superstars who formed excellent feuds and storylines with Guerrero, which helped put him on the path to becoming an all-time great. Here is a look at the 10 best feuds from Guerrero's career.

10 Chavo Guerrero

Both men had come from the beloved and legendary Guerrero wrestling family. Eddie was the real-life uncle of Chavo, and the two spent many years together in helping the other advance their careers.

These two always put on a clinic when they squared off in the ring. It started back in the '90s when both were members of WCW. They eventually wound up in WWE together, forming the Los Guerreros tag team.

After disbanding, the two had a short-term rivalry, where Eddie defeated his nephew in a singles bout at the 2004 Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

9 The Four Horsemen

When Guerrero arrived in WCW in 1995, one of his first feuds was with the legendary Four Horsemen stable. Guerrero eventually formed an alliance with one of the faction's members, Arn Anderson.

This was a short-lived rivalry, however, with Anderson eventually backstabbing Guerrero and no longer wanting to team up with him. However, the Four Horsemen did their job in helping Guerrero make an even bigger name for himself - and the latter put himself on the map as a top young talent in the industry.

8 Chris Jericho

Both Guerrero and Jericho were among the many young Cruiserweight talents that never got a chance in WCW. While working for Ted Turner's promotion, the two put on some clinical matches for the United States Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Championships.

Shortly after Guerrero joined WWE in 2000 (Jericho had arrived in 1999), he got involved in the Chris Jericho and Chyna love triangle storyline. Guerrero and Y2J had a series of showdowns for the European Championship over time.

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Though their feud was never in the main event spotlight, Jericho and Guerrero stole the show with their climatic and well-executed matches.

7 Edge

Both Guerrero and Edge were part of the rebuilt tag team division during the early 2000s, but some folks forget that they even had a brief singles feud during the summer of 2002.

This rivalry deserved to go on even longer; Edge and Guerrero simply left fans wanting more, because their few matches together were nothing short of dazzling. They squared off at the SummerSlam and Unforgiven pay-per-views, and they rekindled their rivalry at Survivor Series - where Los Guerreros dethroned Rey Mysterio and Edge as Tag Team Champions.

6 Rob Van Dam

Guerrero spent a brief period away from WWE before making a comeback two weeks after WrestleMania X8. He then shifted his attention towards another high-flying and acrobatic superstar, Rob Van Dam.

These two filled out the perfect mid-card feud, with RVD and Guerrero engaging in an intense battle for the Intercontinental Championship. Guerrero and Van Dam clashed at three different pay-per-view events, but Van Dam managed to win back the title after numerous tries to end their feud.

This rivalry only lasted a couple of months, but given their excellent in-ring work together, this feud certainly stands out as one of the best in Guerrero's career.

5 Brock Lesnar

This was a very brief rivalry, but if it weren't for Guerrero's feud with Lesnar, maybe Latino Heat would have never become a main event talent in WWE.

Guerrero earned a shot at Lesnar's WWE Championship at the 2004 No Way Out pay-per-view. Few expected Guerrero to win the title that night, with Lesnar already being an established main event talent and all.

However, Guerrero managed to hit Lesnar with the frog splash, pinning him to become the new WWE Champion. This was a totally unexpected result, but it changed everything in WWE - and it was a defining moment in Guerrero's career.

4 Batista

After a feud with Rey Mysterio (more on that later), Guerrero entered a program with World Heavyweight Champion Batista, who had finished a short-term rivalry with JBL.

Much of the Batista-Guerrero feud was based around the emotions and complicated relationship between the two. Guerrero wanted to repair his friendship with Batista, but The Animal had a difficult time trusting him. In the main event of No Mercy 2005, Batista successfully defended his title against Guerrero.

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But the rivalry between these two didn't last long. Batista eventually helped Gurrero solidify a feel-good babyface turn just weeks before his untimely passing.

3 John Bradshaw Layfield

After his feuds with Lesnar and Kurt Angle, Guerrero focused on an up-and-coming main eventer, John Bradshaw Layfield. The latter ended Guerrero's illustrious WWE Championship reign at The Great American Bash.

Guerrero's lovable babyface gimmick went perfectly with the arrogant and big mouth JBL, and the former did a fine job in helping his new enemy get over. JBL was able to defend his title against Guerrero multiple times before they eventually went their own ways after piecing together a superb rivalry.

2 Rey Mysterio

The history between Guerrero and Rey Mysterio dated back to the WCW days. This included an instance where the latter defeated Latino Heat for the Cruiserweight Championship at the 1997 Halloween Havoc pay-per-view.

Both superstars worked together closely in WWE as well, but Guerrero turned heel after brutally attacking Mysterio on the May 5, 2005, episode of SmackDown. Though it was hard for fans to see Guerrero turn on his long-time friend, he proved to be a perfectly suitable heel - and his in-ring work with Mysterio was excellent all around.

Their feud carried over to SummerSlam in a ladder match, where the winner would get full custody of Mysterio's real-life son, Dominick. Just when Eddie was about to win, wife Vickie came out to thwart her husband's efforts - thus helping Mysterio win to reunite with his son.

1 Kurt Angle

Guerrero and the Olympic gold medalist had clashed in the tag team division during the final years of the Attitude Era. They rekindled their rivalry ahead of WrestleMania XX after Guerrero defeated Lesnar to become the new WWE Champion.

At WrestleMania, Guerrero defeated Angle in a thrilling match that lasted 21 and a half minutes, thus retaining his title in what was an emotional and extremely moving moment. Their feud carried on when Angle was the GM of SmackDown, with the former even costing Guerrero numerous WWE Championship matches against JBL.

Outside of the ring, Gurrero and Angle were close friends. But it was their on-screen rivalry that really took the WWE by storm here. The in-ring chemistry between the two was nothing short of incredible.

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