How Edge And Christian Were Involved With Randy Orton's Early Injuries

Matches with Edge and Christian respectively played a part in the ongoing shoulder problems that Randy Orton still suffers from.

Randy Orton has had a very long and incredibly successful career, one that is often taken for granted. The Viper was a part of the famous OVW class of 2002, training in WWE developmental alongside the likes of Shelton Benjamin, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and the man who would later become his Evolution buddy, Batista.

Orton made his main roster debut in 2002 and is still going strong today. During that 15 year run, the third generation Superstar won an incredible 13 World Championships. What makes that number even more impressive is that The Apex Predator hasn't remained injury free for relatively large periods of that run. In fact, there's one injury in particular, to his shoulder, that has bothered him on and off for almost his entire career.

Last week on Edge And Christian's Pod Of Awesomeness Randy Orton made a guest appearance and joked about how both the former World Champions had played a part in his shoulder issues. First, Orotn recalled the start of it all in a match with Christian just two weeks into his main roster career. The Viper performed a dropkick with such vigor that he managed to pop his shoulder out. Then years later he popped it out again playing pick up football with some kids. He thought it was fine so went ahead with his pay-per-view match with Edge later that week, only to pop it out again while pounding the mat as he looked to hit his opponent with an RKO.


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Despite neither Edge nor Christian being responsible for the above-mentioned shoulder injuries, Orton joked that they were the ones to start the problems. Christian then brought up a time when he actually did hurt Orton in a match by accidentally popping his ear drum. Orton recalled the occasion and remembered telling everyone backstage that he was fine and just selling really well, only to grab Christian and tell him that he was in a bad way.


Both Edge and Christian spent large parts of their careers working both with and against Randy Orton. That, coupled with the fact that The Viper rarely makes podcast appearances, means this edition of their Pod Of Awesomeness is must listen. All three men are great friends, and it makes for an extremely interesting listen as they delve into the times their paths crossed in WWE.

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