Edge and Christian Shoot On The John Cena And Roman Reigns Promo

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the in-ring promo that saw John Cena tear into Roman Reigns on the Aug. 28, 2017, episode of Raw. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense to leave out two of the most popular WWE Superstars in history in Edge and Christian.

Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, the duo that totally wreaks of awesomeness weighed in on what many in the WWE Universe believe was a worked shoot promo that left many wondering if Cena intentionally tried to bury Reigns by referring to a number of behind-the-scenes topics, or if this was just part of their build-up for their match at No Mercy. 

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Christian described the segment as "cool" and that it succeeded in adding an element of personal animosity between the combatants. He also warned that the WWE needs to caution against rolling with this type of promo too often.

His argument is that the idea of an organic, non-scripted shoot-style promo is good when used properly. In this case, he believes it was. The personal touches and the fact that the WWE didn't ignore what was already out there in terms of buzz between these two talents gave the match an edge it didn't have before.

Meanwhile, Edge was fixated on the notion that Reigns vs Cena should be saved for WrestleMania 34. Edge believed because the company validated the animosity between these two, this kind of buzz around a match and potential feud is something that should pay out at a bigger show than No Mercy. Edge argued that if you put Reigns vs Cena on the same WrestleMania card as Samoa Joe versus Brock Lesnar, fans will flock to the greatest spectacle in sports.


Edge also disagreed with a number of fans who felt Reigns was shown to be terrible at promos. In fact, he labeled Reigns works as the best promo the "Big Dog" has delivered to date. No, he wasn't up to par with Cena (who has had much more experience doing this sort of promo), but to Edge, it felt like Reigns was on his way there and held back.


Christian disagreed saying he could visibly see the moment Reigns got frustrated and when called out by Cena on live television, Reigns wasn't cool with it. Christian believes it elevated Reigns a bit and that if he's going to match word for word, he can't be afraid to go out on his own a bit from what's written for him.

Both seemed to agree that if Reigns could get his promos in the ring to catch up to his look and wrestling ability, he will be the star that Cena said he isn't yet. The promo was just awkward enough to get people talking and that's exactly what the WWE was going for.

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