Edge Says 'Top Guys' Need To Be Close To McMahon To Succeed

Edge knows a thing or two about success in WWE and according to him a close relationship with Vince McMahon was key to that success.

Regardless of how big WWE continues to get and how much programming they manage to put out, there is still one man who has to give the go-ahead on absolutely everything, and that person is Vince McMahon. WWE is very his baby and it's hard to argue with his results. Since taking over the company from his father in the 1980s McMahon has successfully turned WWE into a globally recognized brand.

Throughout the ascension of WWE, McMahon has naturally been very selective about who he does and doesn't push to the moon when it comes to his Superstars. Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena were given the ball to run with by McMahon and in turn, all three of those men, plus so many others, earned a lot of money for WWE and their boss.

It's not as simple as standing out though, as strange as that might sound. Edge is a man who knows a thing or two about being successful in WWE and recently spoke about that success to Sports Illustrated. Apparently, a close relationship to WWE's chairman is key to being a top performer in WWE. Edge believes by building a relationship with McMahon you're "allowing him to know what type of person he is going to invest this massive machine in."


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It really makes sense and most stars who have had good runs in WWE speak highly of Vince McMahon and that they would often approach him with ideas and even fight him on some of his own. As Edge also told SI though you have to get a good balance. McMahon is receptive to good ideas but The Rated R Superstar would also know when to admit that he was wrong.


Vince McMahon may not be quite as active behind the scenes in WWE as he was 20 years ago but you better believe that the chairman is present at Raw and SmackDown Live more often than not. Edge's comments clearly still apply today too. Kevin Owens demonstrated exactly what the Hall of Famer is talking about here during his recent 365 Network Special. Following big matches the first person's approval he seeks out is McMahon's and judging by the storyline line involving the two KO and McMahon have a pretty good relationship.

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