Edge Compares Bayley's Gimmick To Ricky Steamboat's

WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, hasn't been one to hold back his opinions on the current WWE product and its Superstars. This time, he took the time to discuss his thoughts on women's superstar Bayley.

On the Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness, the Rated R Superstar talked about how he buys Bayley as a likeable character. He also compared Bayley to fellow Hall of Famer, Ricky Steamboat, who notoriously never turned heel during his career. Edge believes a heel turn could work for Bayley, but thinks it would be better off if WWE waited a while before making the change.

Many fans will agree with Edge on the idea of Bayley turning heel. When she came over from the main roster, Bayley received massive cheers and became the Raw Women's Champion on the Feb. 13 episode of Monday Night Raw. But her reign lasted just 76 days, before Alexa Bliss won it at Payback.


But the cheers for Bayley stopped unexpectedly. Despite playing a babyface, she has since gotten little reaction or even some boos from the audience. With another major women's star in Sasha Banks also on the Raw brand, it's been hard for Bayley to stand out among some of her peers.

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There were rumors for a while about Banks turning heel - which could have happened while Bayley was champion. The creative team hasn't made the move, and it obviously hasn't helped Bayley continue to grow as a babyface in the women's division.

Of course, the creative team has a thing for not making heel turns when they should happen. Many have called for John Cena, Roman Reigns, Banks and Bayley to turn bad, but the creative team doesn't seem to agree on these ones.

Bayley can only hope that the fans start to accept her more, or that a possible heel turn is in the cards. Whatever the move is, WWE has to do something with her at some point - as Edge pointed out.


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