How Edge Disrespected Randy Orton When He Retired

Following Edge's retirement speech the WWE Hall of Famer inadvertently completely ignored Randy Orton when he got backstage.

Back in 2011, World Champion Edge shocked the wrestling world and left the WWE Universe broken-hearted when he emerged the night after WrestleMania to announce his retirement. The Rated R Superstar successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship the night before only to reveal on Raw that a build up of injuries over the course of his career meant that he'd have to hang up his boots early.


Edge is mainly remembered for two things during his long run in WWE. The first is his time with lifelong friend Christian during which the two of them helped revolutionize tag team wrestling. The other is for his time as a singles star where he racked up multiple World Titles. Well, other than those runs, Edge also enjoyed a multitude of other career highlights, one of which was a run alongside Randy Orton as one half of Rated RKO.

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Orton was clearly a big part of Edge's career and last week, the two reunited of sorts when The Viper appeared on Edge and Christian's podcast. The three of them discussed the events following Edge's retirement speech and Orton recalled his former tag partner totally ignoring him when he got backstage. Orton put his hand out, but Edge was so in the moment that he completely blanked him. Edge then talked about leaving Orton and Dolph Ziggler out of his Hall of Fame speech, telling his and Christian's guest that he was so sorry, that he loved him, and that Randy was, of course, a huge part of his career.


Edge forgetting to mention Orton in his Hall of Fame speech isn't a topic that he has reserved for when Orton was on the podcast. The Canadian has often recalled how he knew that it was inevitable he would forget some influential names from his career and also told his wife Beth Phoenix not to worry too much as she prepared her Hall of Fame speech as you're bound to forget someone important.

His retirement and induction into the Hall of Fame are arguably two of the biggest moments in Edge's career, or at least his post-ring career. Both of those occasions emotions would have been running high, and he likely wouldn't have been aware of much going on around him. If you've not already listened to the podcast with Orton, then it's definitely worth your time. If you do it'll soon become clear how vital Orton was to Edge's career and vice versa and the tremendous friendship and respect the pair of them have for each other to this day.

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