Edge On The One Spot He Can't Believe He Got Away With In WWE

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Former WWE Superstar Adam "Edge" Copeland has been doing the the rounds with the media to promote his new movie from WWE Studios, Interrogation. He recently sat down with Crave Online and, along with discussing the movie and the possibility of a season 2 for The Edge and Christian Show (yes, there will be a second season), Edge was asked what was one thing he can't believe he got away with during his WWE career. To which he responded:

"Probably diving into the flaming table. It was my idea, stupidly and of course, I knew Mick [Foley] would be in because he’s just as stupid as I am. I didn’t think everybody else would sign off on that [laughs] but when everyone did, I was surprised. To pull it off with only a few burns and some burnt hair [laughs] is one where I’m like ‘How did we pull that off?’ How did it get through all of the levels that it had to? The margin for error in that was so miniscule."

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