Edge Sounds Off On A.J. Styles Defeating Jinder Mahal

WWE Hall of Famer Edge hasn't been one to hold back his thoughts on today's current product. Recently, he's shared his doubts about Shinsuke Nakamura emerging as a star, and admitted that he isn't buying the hype on Asuka.

This time, the Rated R Superstar chimed in on his thoughts regarding A.J. Styles defeating Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship on last week's episode of SmackDown. On  E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, Edge admitted that he thought Mahal would hold onto the title until WrestleMania. As for why he thinks the title changes hands? Here's what he had to say:  (transcriptions via WrestlingInc.com):

"I think USA [Network] was debuting a new TV series after. And while some of you may scoff and say, 'WWE wouldn't change their business for that,' yes, they would...They'll do those things because they're on the USA Network and USA Network asks for a favor, so they'll do them a favor."


Edge also expressed his content in WWE choosing to have Styles face Brock Lesnar "on one of the big pay-per-views," while also giving the Singh Brothers plenty of credit for doing "their job to a very high degree."

With WWE spending a couple of weeks building up Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, Styles' championship victory came as a surprise to many others.


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It was later reported by Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio that Mahal was being promoted as a two-time WWE Champion for the company's tour in India next month. Later on, Dave Meltzer reported that Mahal will likely reclaim the championship before the India tour.

And on Thursday, WrestlingInc.com reported that Mahal will face Styles in a Steel Cage match at Starrcade - six days after Survivor Series. With no other pay-per-view shows scheduled before WWE's tour in India, it would make most sense for Mahal to reclaim the championship at Starrcade.

Unless another surprise is among us, fans of Styles and haters of Mahal better embrace the current champion's reign while they can.


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