Edge Once Considered Accepting A Contract Offer From TNA

Edge was once offered a contract by TNA while Christian was at the company and he genuinely considered making the move away from WWE.

There are very few wrestlers who you can point to outside of the current generation that are WWE through and through. Superstars who spent almost the entirety of their careers at that one company such as The Undertaker and Mark Henry. Another man who makes that list is Edge. The Rated R Superstar debuted in WWE in 1996 and wrestled there all the way up to his retirement in 2011, a fifteen-year run that encompassed an awful lot.

Shockingly though, towards the end of that long run, Edge was offered a spot on the TNA roster, and he seriously considered making the switch. Apparently, the offer was tabled around 2008/2009 and Edge's former tag team partner and life long best friend, Christian, was already with the company, and that's why the offer was extended to the then WWE Superstar.

Edge revealed on his and Christian's podcast recently that TNA had made him the offer to join them. He said that he wasn't sure how exactly they knew his WWE contract was coming to an end, but they gave him a call and talked to him about numbers and potential schedule. He then admitted that it was the schedule that was appealing as it would "be a whole lot easier on the body" because by that point in his career, he was getting pretty beat up.

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At this point, we can only speculate what would have been if Edge had gone to TNA. Maybe he would have lasted a few more years before being forced to retire, but in reality, the majority of the damage would have probably already been done by that point, just two or three years before his in-ring career ended. With the right booking, it could have worked wonders for TNA though, having one of WWE's top guys on their television and reuniting Edge and Christian in the process.


Edge as a TNA star would have most definitely been an interesting way for the WWE Hall of Famer to see out his career. Despite Edge's unquestionable talent, however, even he probably couldn't have turned that ship around and made them viable competition for WWE. Edge likely has no regrets, and during the podcast, he went on to talk about his decisions behind rejecting the offer saying that WWE had always been his ultimate goal and the only place he ever really wanted to wrestle.

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