The Rated-R Superstar: The 10 Worst Things Edge Ever Did

When going through WWE's history books, it's hard to find a Superstar more dastardly than the "Rated-R Superstar" Edge. While these days we look back on the talented Canadian wrestler's career with fondness, that wasn't the case when he was the company's top heel terrorizing everyone from John Cena to The Undertaker.

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Unfortunately, we will probably never see his in-ring return thanks to some terrible neck injuries, but at least we have the memories — and there were some good ones. To commemorate such a fantastic career, we are going to look back on the worst things Edge ever did.

10 Mocking Ric Flair's Road Rage Incident

Mocking Ric Flair for anything is a good way to get in any wrestling fan's bad-books, but Edge took it one step further by re-enacting an actual legal issue The Nature Boy faced. Dressed like the Stylin' and Profilin' Son Of A Gun, Edge made light of Flair's 2005 road rage incident that garnered a lot of mainstream attention. It's one thing to attack a man for his actions in the ring, but this was low.

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With that in mind, the entire skit was hilarious and some of the best comedy work in Edge's career.

9 Costing John Cena's World Championship Match Against RVD

Depending on who you are, this is either a good thing or a bad thing. For instance, most of the fans in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York thought he was the hero of the night, as he helped ECW Legend Rob Van Dam win his first ever WWE Championship.

From a moral standpoint, however, it was pretty bad. To start, Edge and Cena's rivalry had seemingly been a thing of the past. In fact, Edge was busy with his new tag-team with Mick Foley while Cena and RVD sparked their feud. So, Edge's inclusion was pretty random here, this isn't your regular mid-match sneak attack.

8 The Money In The Bank Cash-Ins

What is now a tried and true method of winning a World Title in WWE was new and exciting when Edge first did it back in 2006. The concept of Money in the Bank was completely new then, and fans didn't know that when they said a guaranteed WWE Championship match could happen at any time, WWE meant that literally.

The very first cash-in came after the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution 2006. John Cena was battered after successfully defending his championship in an intense match. As Cena sat bloodied in the ring with his title, Edge's iconic music played and the rest was history.

7 "Winning" Mr. Kennedy's Money In The Bank Briefcase

Edge's second Money in the Bank cash-in came about thanks to an unfortunate injury to Mr. Kennedy in real life. In the storyline, however, the Money in The Bank Contract holder had to put his briefcase on the line against the Rated-R Superstar.

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Before the match could begin, The Ultimate Opportunist beat down Kennedy past the point of no return. When the bell finally rang, he could barely stand. It's the only time a Money in the Bank Briefcase has changed hands, and it happened in a frustrating manner.

Edge went on to cash-in on The Undertaker.

6 Getting Vickie Guerrero To Make His Life Easier

When Edge began his on-screen relationship with Vicki Guerrero, things got a lot easier for him. Around that time, Guerrero held a lot of sway as General Manager of SmackDown, and she used it to benefit her new lover. For instance, she made the roads for Edge's rivals more difficult to actually get title matches against him, she also banned Undertaker's "Hells Gate" hold after it proved to be too devastating.

Its clear Edge manipulated a woman with great power to get whatever he wanted and, boy, was it frustrating to watch while it happened.

5 Had His Girlfriend Ban Undertaker From WWE

Speaking of Edge using Vickie to get his way, somehow, he got the Undertaker banned from WWE. Rather than talk about the leadup to the match that caused this, let's talk about the ladder match itself. Undertaker had Edge dead to rights after slamming him through a table. Yet, The Phenom began to climb the ladder, it was clear some injuries he sustained earlier in the night were catching up to him. Still, he fought through it.

Well, that is until Edge's La Familia cronies Chavo Guerro and Bam Neely decided to interfere. Taker managed to fight them off, but it gave Edge enough time to recover and eventually push Undertaker through two sets of tables giving The Rated-R Superstar a clear path to victory effectively winning the WWE Championship and banning Undertaker from the WWE. We guess this technically wasn't all on Edge, but he was the mastermind behind this series of events.

4 Screwing Kofi

Long before Kofi Kingston won his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania, he was in the main event of No Way Out 2009. The Ghanaian superstar was scheduled to compete in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship, but before he could make his way to the ring, Edge — who lost his World Heavyweight Title earlier in the night — attacked Kingston and locked himself in one of the chamber pods. He won the WWE Championship that night.

3 Cheating On Vicki Guerro

Say what you want about Vickie Guererro's abuse of power to make Edge's life easier, but she did it out of love. That's what makes The Rated-R Superstar's extramarital affairs extra unforgivable.

It seems that while Edge and Vickie were dominating SmackDown, the multi-time world champion had his eyes on a different prize — their wedding planner Alicia Fox. The whole story was brought to light while Vickie and Edge were celebrating during their reception. Yikes.

2 Beating Up John Cena's Dad

At a time when beating up John Cena's dad was not a rite of passage for any upcoming heel, The Rated-R Superstar did a number on Cena. It wasn't just a case of taking advantage of a family member being at ringside. No, Edge broke into the Dad that Runs The House's home and slapped him.

The entire segment is really bizarre; however, the strangest thing is the fact Edge bragged about committing crimes on national TV. We're shocked their match even made it in the ring because Edge would be serving time if he wasn't a wrestler.

1 The Matt Hardy Mess

The entire situation concerning Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita is messy as it was a real-life situation that spilled its way onto TV. Somehow, "stealing" his best friend's girlfriend was just the shot his career needed. While that act alone was bad enough, Edge didn't just beat Hardy during their matches, he tortured him. At one point, during a cage match, Edge and Lita tied Hardy's arms to the ropes as The Rated-R Superstar escaped the structure, gaining a victory.

This is the feud that really put Edge on the map because it showed he'd do anything to get ahead and, unfortunately, it came at Hardy's expense.

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