Elias Doesn't Use Undertaker's Move On Raw Following Backlash

Last week, Elias caught some attention on Raw when he pulled out a move widely known as "Old School" and a former staple of The Undertaker's repertoire. There wasn't much attention drawn to it other than one of the announcers making a quick reference that it looked a lot like The Deadman's move, but Michael Cole had a name for it, and the WWE didn't discuss anything after the match or that week.

That didn't stop others in the wrestling industry from pointing out that Elias' use of the move could have him in hot water and problematic for the WWE Superstar.

One of the more vocal former wrestlers to have a reaction was Bubba Ray Dudley who warned Elias to expect to be told by the Undertaker that his moves are not to be used. Dudley said so because there was a time he rolled his eyes in a match and the next day, The Undertaker personally called to let him know it was not appreciated. Dudley felt Elias' use of "Old School" was much more blatant.

It appears Elias may have gotten the message. In a match on Raw this week, Elias was teamed with the Good Brothers and facing many of the same opponents he has in weeks leading up to the move in question. This time, the maneuver itself was nowhere to be found. Elias didn't climb the ropes, he didn't walk the ropes and he didn't do anything remotely resembling a move once made famous by The Undertaker. In fact, he was stuck in an unfunny segment with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and that did nothing but slow his momentum as a character.


This could have been a coincidence. The match was a six-man tag and done very quickly. Elias was not able to get in his full move-set and it would make sense that timing played a factor. The only way to know for sure is over the next couple weeks and future matches involving "The Drifter". If he continues to steer clear of the move, it will be evident the homage paid to The Undertaker didn't go over well and the WWE and Elias have decided to sing a different tune.


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