5 Reasons Why Elias Is The Next Great WWE Superstar

Everyone's time comes in the WWE, and Elias' time is coming quite quickly. The wrestling world is getting behind Elias as they see that he is, in fact, an entertainer with a repertoire of abilities. He is starting to appear in various media sources more and more since he has been added to the WWE main roster. Since Elias has the combined attributes of of music, wrestling, and aesthetic appeal, only time will tell not if, but when he will truly become the next great Superstar in the WWE.

5. Elias Is a Bigger Star in WWE Than He Was in NXT

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When Elias first began wrestling in NXT back in 2014, he started out as a jobber. He later went through a character change the following year and got a few wins here and there while adopting the drifter gimmick that he currently has now. Since jumping ship to the main roster he is beginning to be used more and more while gaining a following among fans.

4. He Had His Main Roster Debut Match Against Dean Ambrose

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Some wrestlers are placed with those who are either mid-card or even lower performers when they make their debut in the WWE. In the past it was very common for a "worker" to be placed with a "jobber", especially during the workers debut on television. Elias had the privilege of having his first match on Raw with The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose who is in the upper echelon of talent in the WWE instead of being placed with a jobber during his debut.


3. Elias Is Not One Dimensional When It Comes to Talent

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Some wrestlers kayfabe parts of their gimmicks, which was very common in the past. One such performer was The Honky Tonk Man. His Elvis Presley inspired gimmick was just to enhance his character and he would pretend to know how to play the guitar. Elias on the other hand actually knows how to play the guitar and thus he has the wrestling skill and the musical talent to back it up. He really puts the "E" into the WWE with his wrestling and musical talent which is really getting over with fans, with some fans even cheering while he sits on his stool and performs his songs in the ring.


2. Elias Has Been Involved in Several High Profile Matches

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Elias has experienced some ups and downs as it relates to wins and losses while trying to build a fan base since he has been on the main roster. One way in which he is building his character is having high profile matches with such wrestlers as John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. He is fortunate not to have a match with someone of the caliber of Curt Hawkins as of yet. Many consider his match with Roman Reigns a few months ago as the biggest match he has had so far.

1. Elias and the Miztourage

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Being associated with the right superstars can also help to push a rising superstar up the card. Elias has been put with The Miztourage as of late and his association with the group is helping to propel his superstar status, especially with the harmonic performance that he had with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas a few months ago which received a small pop from wrestling fans. Who knows if this type of fan reaction will put him in a position to turn face. Either way, Elias is making strides as he "walks" in the WWE.



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