10 Embarrassing Attitude Era Moments We Wish We Could Forget

The Attitude Era is often looked at by fans as a golden age in wrestling. Fans love to reminisce about Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker, DX and more, yet there's a lot that's overlooked. In fact, despite all the good from that short era, there was a lot of bad. There were racially insensitive gimmicks, the women's division was nowhere near what is is now, and some scary moments for the talent in the ring. Overall, it was an up and down rollercoaster with extreme highs and low lows. So, let's focus on the latter.

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10 X-Pac's Insensitivity

DX's feud with the Nation of Domination was pretty great. Both factions were so large that it felt like their rivalry touched almost every part of the show. Unfortunately, things got a little dicey one episode of Raw when the members of DX came to the ring dressed like their rivals. The only problem was, X-Pac painted his face to match a black skin tone. Apparently, the members of the Nation, specifically Mark Henry, who X-Pac was mimicking, didn't seem to be too bothered by it, but this was far from okay.

9 Mick Foley's Chair Shots To The Head

There's been a lot of talk regarding the effects of concussions over the last few years, but even back in the late 1990s watching The Rock drill Mankind with 11 unprotected chair shots to the head while the WWE Superstar's hands were tied behind his back was hard to watch. We're not sure how this whole segment got approved in the first place, but we're thankful Foley wasn't hurt more by this. Sure, we could put a number of Mic Foley moments on this list, but there's something really sickening when rewatching their match from Royal Rumble 1999.

8 Kai En Tai Treated Poorly

WWE has never been known for representing Asian wrestlers very well, and Kai En Tai is one glaring example of how poorly they could be treated in WWE. The real moment that we want to focus on here, however, is the infamous segment, and if you haven't watched it, you're probably better off not doing so. Yeah, that made it on TV, somehow.

7 Trish Stratus Barked Like A Dog

When you hear WWE fans talk about Trish Stratus, it's mostly with great respect. She's one of the best women the company ever employed, and she carried the female division alongside Lita, putting on fantastic matches that weren't topped until recently. Unfortunately, if you dig through her time in WWE, you'll see an unfortunate moment where Vince McMahon forced the Hall of Famer to get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog. Sure, Mr. McMahon was the ultimate bad guy at this point in time, but no wrestler should have to endure that kind of treatment. Thankfully, she bounced back from this segment, but we wish it never happened.

6 Any Moment With Beaver Cleavage

Beaver Cleavage has a disgusting name and his gimmick was even grosser. To put it lightly, he has a hot mom and he gets really excited when she's around. We're not sure how this idea even made it to the writing room let alone make it to TV, but it did. His promotional segments were shot in a  1950's Leave It To Beaver style with a black and white filter, and everything about it was just icky.

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To make matters worse, poor old Beaver was played by Mosh, one-half of the headbangers, who were pretty popular before all this. Characters like this make defending wrestling really hard sometimes.

5 The Kennel From Hell Match

The Kennel From Hell match sounded pretty cool on paper. Imagine escaping a steel cage, only to be trapped in a Hell in A Cell with vicious guard dogs surrounding the ring! Unfortunately, Big Boss Man and Al Snow were forced to wrestle in front of the most friendly animals possible who happened to pee all around the side of the ring. We're certain this isn't the effect Vince McMahon was going for when dreaming up the match. Considering we've seen multiple Punjabi Prisons and only one Kennel From Hell, it's safe to say even WWE was embarrassed at this one.

4 Brawl For All

We're not sure what WWE wanted to gain from the Brawl For All, but it didn't work. If you're too young to remember or have simply blocked this horrible tournament out of your brain to protect your love for wrestling, the Brawl For All was a real-life shoot-fight tournament featuring WWE wrestlers. The winner would go on to face actual boxer Butterbean, and apparently, nothing went right. To start, Dr. Death Steve Williams was pegged to win everything, yet he was KO'd quickly. Instead, Bart Gunn went the farthest but ended up getting turned into dog food when he actually fought a trained boxer. Multiple Superstars were injured as a result of this, and it destroyed any momentum Williams should have had upon signing with WWE.

3 Pat Patterson vs Gerald Brisco Evening Gown Match

Look, we love Ru Paul's Drag Race as much as the next person, but this was one of the strangest things we've ever seen in a WWE ring. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco are wrestling royalty. The two were some of the best in their era, and if you would have pitched a match between these two in the 1970s, it would have put butts in seats. Unfortunately, by the year 2000, both were retired from in-ring competition and only appeared on TV as Vince McMahon's stooges. So, to treat the legends with the respect they deserve, they were given a match at King of The Ring. Except it was an evening gown match. You know, the match type used for the women's division instead of letting them wrestle. Somehow the Hardcore Championship was on the line too, so that's a thing that happened.

2 Undertaker Hangs Big Bossman

Remember that time Undertaker actually tried to kill a man on TV? OK, that's happened a bunch of times, but he never actually got to do the murder. That is until he faced off against Big Boss Man. After beating him in a Hell in a Cell Match, Undertaker just hung him. Now, the seemingly murdered wrestler would live to fight another day, but you'd assume that a police officer would have enough knowledge of the law to at least charge The Deadman with something.

1 Mark Henry's Interaction With A Transgender Woman

Considering WWE is trying to appear to be an LGBTQ+ ally, they might want to hope no one remembers this. During Mark Henry's Sexual Chocolate days, the future Hall of Famer got a little frisky with the ladies. One woman happened to be transgender.

Looking back on this now, it's really not funny, and while it may have gotten a chuckle from an edgier late 1990s crowd, it really shouldn't have. The whole segment is troubling, and it didn't lead to anything either. WWE seems to want fans to forget about this as you can't find it in any lists they make.

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