15 Embarrassing Pictures Of WWE Female Wrestlers In The Ring

WWE Superstars must live awesome lives. After all, they have pretty awesome jobs, get to travel all over the US, as well as to other great countries, plus they get to be the envy of a hell of a lot of people.

The company has developed a reputation for hiring some of the most beautiful and talented women around. And they've given us so many glamorous moments, as well as absolute thrillers.

On occasion, however, things can take the unexpected turn and leave them with a bit of egg on their faces, if they notice, that is. There's a whole world of things waiting to go wrong at times, and of course a lot of the unfortunate events - so to speak - are planned by the genius WWE writers who have managed to keep a lot of us on the edge of our seats even after so many years.

Planned or not, these events have brought many viewers a fair amount of joy, as it mostly entails some type of wardrobe malfunction that exhibits a body part that they would not have otherwise seen. They're not all malfunctions (although we wish they were); the WWE likes to keep it interesting.

Anyhow, let's go back in time and take a look at 15 such moments. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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15 Nikki Bella: You Can Look, But You Can't Touch

via youtube.com

As much as I know you would have enjoyed it, I can't show you the actual thing. But it does get pretty close, plus a quick Google search would help in that regard anyhow.

And guess what John Cena, we CAN see it. Cena and Bella are due to tie the knot, having gotten engaged in 2017, and the 16-time champion must have regretted the moment when his fiancee had her leftie exposed during a match, yet we doubt he's gonna have a change of heart over it.

The steamy twin was totally humiliated by during an episode of Raw in which she was flung out of the ring by four opponents. While she writhed on the floor in pain, her left puppy was inadvertently exposed, leaving the viewing world with an absolute treasure of a sight.

14 Brie's Turn

via cagesideseats.com

Some say good things come in pairs, and there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest that it's true. The Bella twins themselves came in a pair, and following the natural law of order, so did their nipple slips.

This one is all about Nikki's sister Brie Bella, who has also had a nipple uncovered whilst on live TV, and before Nikki too. She was appearing on Miz TV as part of a promotional cast, and whilst seated amongst her fellow Divas, her dress decided to play villain and expose her left nipple. She was forced to apologize later on, explaining that her tape came off as a result of the humidity in the arena.

"I apologize 4 my wardrobe malfunction," she said on Twitter, "I'm embarrassed & it looks as though the humidity made my tape come off You'll never see that again! B"

No need, Brie. No need.

13 Edge & Lita's Live Celebration

via wwe.com

Edge and Lita were probably the most hated couple the WWE Universe has ever come across. The disdain for the pair stemmed from the fact that Edge real-life stole Lita from real-life friend Matt Hardy and tried his best to embarrass him at every opportunity.

To that end, Edge literally performed a live in-ring 'celebration' with Lita in what was perhaps the raciest episode of Monday Night Raw you'll ever see, quite possibly. The infamous duo had a bed set up in the middle of the ring and got down to business right there under the covers.

If there were any doubts surrounding the authenticity of the whole affair, an inadvertent flash of one of Lita's puppies put all of them to rest.

12 Vickie Guerrero's Muddy Mayhem

via cagesideseats.com

Vickie Guerrero, the wife of the late, great Eddie Guerrero had her opportunity in the business as well after the passing of her husband. But unlike the former star, who was adored despite his love for lying, cheating and stealing, Vickie was made to play the rapscallion and certainly excelled at it.

In her final appearance on Raw, she went out with a bang, but not before getting embarrassed by Stephanie McMahon in a bit of a muddy affair, which she claimed to find out about pretty late.

"We find out around five o'clock," she said in an interview with BR after leaving the WWE. "I've been in worse. Having a pudding match, it turns out, wasn't that bad after all."

She wasn't the only one who got muddy and humiliated, however, with Stephanie getting a taste of her own mudicine as well.

11 That Jackie Gayda Match

via youtube.com

If you ever truly want to see a hideous display of wrestling, take five minutes out of your day to watch "That Jackie Gayda Match". The match itself was a mixed tag match on a 2002 episode of RAW featuring Bradshaw and Trish vs. Jackie Gayda and Christopher Nowinski. In an era when WWE seemed to be hiring based on looks and not properly training any new recruits, it was painfully clear in this match that Jackie Gayda winning Tough Enough did not merit a spot on the roster until she received further training. Throughout the match, came botch after botch. This snap shared captures a moment when Trish looked to finish the match with a bulldog only for Gayda to take the move wrong and fall in just about the worst way possible. As JR said, "mercifully, it's over".

10 Stephanie McMahon And The Future Face Of The Company

via youtube.com

John Cena seems to be quite settled with soon-to-be wife Nikki Bella, but I'll have you know that the superstar has gotten around. He's even smacked Stephanie's ass in the middle of a WWE ring, which does speak volumes.

Back then, Cena was playing the role of the 'Doctor of Thuganomics'. And during a segment on Smackdown, he asked Stephanie if he could layeth the smacketh down on her candy ass - not in those words of course - and she readily obliged, daring him to 'put his money where his mouth is'.

Being the brave boy that he is, Cena went right ahead, smacking her on the rump as she bent forward. For what it's worth, she looked quite delighted too.

9 Cameron Forgets How To Pin

via wrestlingforum.com

Cameron, previously known as Ariana from 2011's version of WWE Tough Enough, was under heat from fans immediately upon signing with WWE. Being that she was the first eliminated from the show and showing herself to be extremely new to wrestling (infamously saying a match between Alicia Fox and Melina was her favorite of all time), fans never really gave her a chance. While Cameron would eventually show some improvement, both in her work and in her wrestling knowledge, but she still had many hiccups. One was Cameron going for a pin on Naomi when her shoulders weren't down on the mat. She began yelling at the ref to count. She tried to salvage the situation by yelling:

“I make my own rules! If people aren’t talking about you then your not doing something right!”.. Nice try.

8 Teaching An Old Dog New Trish

via YouTube.com

Trish's embarrassment came in two parts, as in one segment, he both forced Trish to strip down to her underwear and made her get on all fours.

Anyhow, before Vince demanded that Trish strip down to her black underwear, he had her get down on all fours and then bark her apology like a dog in one of the most degrading WWE segments in the history of a show famous for humiliating people.

McMahon had supposedly gotten tired of his mistress and was simply out to embarrass her, in kayfabe that is, but it still cost his wife Linda a seat in the US Senate. This segment was played all across anti-Linda McMahon campaigns, whether it was fair to cast Linda in the same light as a wrestling program or not.

Go figure.

7 AJ Lee Rollin' It Up

via Pinterest.com

AJ Lee was the supposed victim of a wardrobe malfunction after a victory over Natalya, who we are coming too very soon, for very different reasons.

Her shirt had gotten above her bra during the match, having rolled upwards, and while licking the back of her hands in celebration, as seductively as it gets, mind you, the cameras gifted the viewing word a raunchy shot of AJ's lovely rack.

Unfortunately, for us all, Lee is no longer in the WWE, having retired from the ring in 2015. We may never get to see anything quite similar ever again. But there will be plenty of other malfunctions to come as long as we keep watching.

As for Lee, the three-time Champion now focuses on a milder approach to life as a writer.

6 Natalya's Work Of (F)Art

via YouTube.com

For some reason, WWE writers came up with the idea that Natalya should be handed a storyline in which she constantly broke wind - and at the oddest of times. This particular photo is from a match against Alicia Fox during which she farted whilst locking in her sharpshooter submission move.

As you can see, even the referee was made to cover his face. But despite being made to play stink Diva, the star claimed to have embraced the role, as disgusting as it may have been.

"It's so great to say, 'No matter what I'm given, I'm going to make it great'," she said in a subsequent interview.

"I'm going to pass gas, maybe I had too many protein bars that morning. I'm sorry, but as a Diva, I'm going to eat a lot of protein, and if I'm going to do that, then I'm going to look like a rockstar doing that, dressed to the nines in vintage couture and I'm going to make it gold."

5 Eva Marie's Pair Tactics

via wwe.com

Eva Marie left the WWE last August, possibly leaving some male viewers disappointed. The former NXT "graduate" can't look back on an impressive wrestling career, but my was she a sight for sore eyes.

The alluring redhead developed a reputation for pulling out of matches at the last second, but with good reason. The week that was supposed to mark her in-ring debut, saw her retreat with a hamstring injury just before a match against Becky Lynch; and the following week, a 'wardrobe malfunction' became the reason for her disappearance. Maybe it was all a ploy to build up a bit of excitement, but it turned quite a few fans against her.

The malfunction, though, was quite a thing to behold.

4 Charlotte Has Her Own Ric Flair Moment

via youtube.com

Charlotte Flair has arguably grown into the biggest female star on the WWE roster, unless we're counting Ronda Rousey. She's already closing in on Trish Stratus's record seven Women's Championships and she has plenty of signature matches under her belt. However, in a match with Dana Brooke on SmackDown last year, Charlotte suffered an unfortunate mishap when Dena went for a rollup and Charlotte's trunks slipped down, exposing her derriere to half the arena. (Just look at the faces on those men in the front row). Fortunately for Charlotte, she wasn't facing the TV camera when it happened. Looking at her lineage though, her father Ric went through many of these in his career, so perhaps it was just in her genes to go through such a moment.

3 Sasha Banks At Great Balls Of Fire

via wwe.com

Last year, the WWE aired Great Balls of Fire for the very first time, and it all went down pretty well. A few wrestlers, though, became the butt of jokes when they were pictured shortening the name Great Balls of Fire to 'Eat Balls' with their heads on the LED boards.

The likes of Matt Hardy and Samoa Joe fell victim, but this here list is all about the females, so poor Sasha Banks gets it. The 26-year-old competitor got her head in the perfect position for the embarrassing meal during the show, and the cameras were quick to catch her whilst she was none the wiser.

Big Cass found himself in a similar situation during his entrance when he blocked the Letter C on the board bearing his name. Of course, all he was left with was 'Big Ass', but that probably isn't far from the truth.

2 Whale Tale

via imgur.com

Before you think this is some oversight on my part, tale is spelled that way intentionally because I'm about to tell a story, of sorts. Dana Brooke happens to be the subject here, and what a sight she left us with, struggling to keep her bottoms in its rightful place on the night in question.

Dana was participating in a triple threat match against Nia Jax and Mickie James, and there wasn't a lot to be positive about. She was made to take the brunt of the beating, possibly because she had to fight her pants as well as the other two persons in the ring.

Her black thong kept getting exposed throughout the match, giving the ref cause to warn her about a wayward attire, yet that did little to keep the whale tail below the surface, much to the delight of the guys in the crowd.

1 Stephanie's Tasty Retreat

via pwpix.com

Stephanie McMahon was once made to flee from the ring while trying to keep her great pair out of sight. She's pretty good at multitasking, so wasn't much of a huge deal, save the humiliation.

The 41-year-old, ever the one to belittle wrestlers, did just that with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, ordering "The Texas Rattlesnake" to sell beer and hotdogs during a show. Austin sold said beer and hotdogs to the Acolytes Protection Agency and let Steph know that. But she called him a liar and let him have an earful.

Austin then made Steph wear the tray, but he was asked to take it off after getting what he wanted (a title shot). When taking it back, though, the Diva's blouse somehow came off with the tray, leaving her with just a bra to cover her top half as she fled the scene.

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