Emma's Asking Price Too Much For Promotions To Hire Her

It looks like Emma may be setting too high a price for herself following her recent release from WWE. So far no indie promotion has been able to afford to sign her on.

Emma was released from her contract with WWE last October following her appearance on Monday night’s episode of Raw. The move came as a surprise to many as she was seen as a rising star to many fans. She’d been appearing on Raw almost weekly, and had just made her pay-per-view debut at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs on October 29th. She had a high-profile match against Asuka, and then a rematch with her on Monday night, but then she was out.


According to reports, Emma was experiencing some friction with WWE’s creative crew and had taken to airing those grievances on Twitter. The powers that be with WWE must have decided that despite her recent matches, she was the lowest girl on the totem pole and was released her from her contract.

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Now, Emma heads to the indie circuit to continue her career under her real name of Tenille Dashwood. #HireEmma was making the rounds in the wrestling circles of Twitter last week showing support for the out-of-a-job wrestler.

However, news is coming to light that she may have an asking price that’s out of the indie scene’s league. She was in negotiation with Stardom, Japan’s premiere wrestling promotion for women wrestlers, but the deal fell through when it came time to nail down a price. Dashwood was reportedly asking for $2000 per appearance, along with first-class airfare and creative control. That turned out to be a little too rich for Stardom’s blood, and the deal was off.

There’s no denying that Emma has the chops to be a world-class wrestler. She’s young (28), trained at the best wrestling schools in the world (Canada's Storm Wrestling Academy under the direct tutelage of wrestling legend Lance Storm, as well as WWE's Performance Center), and has plenty of experience wrestling in the biggest promotion around, the WWE.

We’re sure she won’t stay out of a job for too long, and rumors abound that she could be snapped up in an instant if she brings down her price just a tad.


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