Emma Breaks Silence After Her WWE Release

Recently released WWE Superstar Emma has spoken out for the first time since she parted ways with WWE over the weekend.

WWE releasing Superstars in batches isn't a new thing. The most recent batch has come at a strange time though. Normally, WWE will let go of certain talents shortly after WrestleMania. It's the quietest time in the pro wrestling calendar and a period where business is typically down. That didn't happen this year and instead, a few wrestlers were released from the company this past weekend.


The cuts began on Sunday morning with Emma, easily the most shocking of the three releases. The Australian star was shortly followed out the door by Summer Rae and Darren Young. No offence to the latter two performers, but their fate didn't come as much of a shock since both wrestlers have been off of WWE television for an extended period of time now.

As mentioned above, the first Superstar released, Emma, came as a surprise to most people. Not only has the former NXT star been on Raw almost every week recently, but she has been at the center of an angle involving the newly promoted Asuka. Emma made her singles main roster pay per view debut against The Empress of Tomorrow at TLC and had a rematch 24 hours later on Raw. Less than six days removed from that rematch, Emma is out of a job.


Other than a broken heart emoji tweeted out by Emma when she first got the news it has been radio silence from her since she was released. Then during Raw on Monday night, the Aussie tweeted for the first time. Emma simply stated that she is very fortunate to have the family, friends, and fans that she has and signed off with "The best is yet to come."

The choice to release Emma at this juncture is a strange one and something that fans will likely be scratching their heads about for a little while yet. If anything the trajectory that the former WWE Superstar was on as of late was the most promising one of her time with the company. The ever so slight silver lining for Emma is that she went out on a high after putting on two great matches with Asuka just a week before she was released.


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