Emma Opens Up About Her Failed Emmalina Gimmick

Emma has finally opened up about the creative process involving the frustrating Emmalina angle that started all the way back in 2016.

A handful of Superstars were released from WWE a few months ago and while a few of those releases were to be expected one caught a lot of fans by surprise, Emma. The former NXT star had only just competed in back to back matches with Asuka on Raw before she was unceremoniously let go by the company.

It's still unclear as to why exactly Emma's time with WWE came to an end. In all likelihood, there was probably no real reason for it and it was just one of those things. If it happened at the turn of 2017 rather than quite a ways into the year then it might have made more sense. Through the end of 2016 and into the next year, Emma went through the process of becoming Emmalina via a series of vignettes, but they ultimately wound up leading to pretty much nothing at all.


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Now that Emma's non-compete clause expired following her release from WWE, she is free to do whatever she likes. Not only is she back competing on the independent circuit, but she also conducted her first interview recently with Lance Storm on the Killing The Town podcast. On the show, she opened up about the process to become Emmalina and how frustrating a time it was for her with Storm, her former trainer.

"I guess there was an idea to it and they kind of realized along the way that wasn't me," Emma explained, adding that she's "not like that at all." The Emmalina character felt like a throwback to the era of divas in WWE and as Emma pointed out during the podcast, she just wants to wrestle. She is a very talented in-ring performer, something she proved while in WWE on multiple occasions.

It's a shame that WWE let Emma go considering what more she could have done for the burgeoning women's division. Also keeping her out of the ring and off of TV for as long as they did (17 weeks) during the tease of Emmalina's debut was clearly an even more poorly thought out decision than we initially realized. Apparently, in the future, the door will be open for Emma to return, which begs the question why did they release her in the first place?


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