Emmalicious: 15 Hot Photos Of Emma You NEED To See

WWE Divas of late have been both beautiful and talented, which has taken the women's division to a whole other level. But perhaps none is as sexy as Australian Diva Tenille Dashwood, also known as Emm

WWE Divas of late have been both beautiful and talented, which has taken the women's division to a whole other level. But perhaps none is as sexy as Australian Diva Tenille Dashwood, also known as Emma.

Emma joined WWE in 2011 as part of their developmental program. She quickly rose to prominence as a clumsy dancer in NXT, garnering a sizeable fanbase despite the fact that her gimmick was, well, pretty stupid. After failing in her first go at the main roster, she returned to NXT, where she found the right gimmick, which instantly turned her into one of the most impressive female wrestlers in the company. Despite her ups and downs in the WWE, one thing has always remained a constant for Emma: her figure.

There are a lot of amazing photos of Emma, but we boiled it down to the absolute best. Here are the top 15 hottest pictures of one of the hottest Divas.

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15 Fun At The Beach


Emma probably has THE hottest pictures among Divas on the roster right now, as this picture goes onto show why she's called upon by many photographers to do photoshoots as she has a body which many potential models can't even achieve. This sizzling picture of her by the sea donning that sexy blue bikini and posing like a goddess proves why she has so many worshipers among the WWE fans, as she looks absolutely gorgeous wearing that bikini. Her perfectly toned figure is on display as her body is just the most perfect one for WWE to use, as she goes onto show why she's been given the sexy gimmick, as she's worked hard to make this gorgeous figure and now is wooing fans with her hot bod.

14 Rocking That Leather Jacket


Emma is one of the few Divas who looks amazing in just about any photoshoot, as she loves to show off her amazing figure and outfits. We see her in this picture wearing that slim jacket which shows her sensational torso very well. She is looking really beautiful in this one with her outfit matching her gimmick prior to her injury, looking like a tough (yet stunning!) badass, showing off her superbly toned figure in a sexy manner - this picture can just about make any man fall in love with her instantaneously! The Aussie has a beautiful face and her sexy hair is on display  in this one as well, as this outstanding picture of her shows why she has so many fans in the WWE drooling over her.

13 Stunning In White


It's not all about the dark colours! Emma has such an amazing figure that she looks amazing wearing any outfit of any color, as her skin tone and body shape makes her look stunning in just about anything she wears. In this photo she is wearing this sensual white costume, which is also revealing her white inner-wear perfectly as we get a glimpse of her superbly toned body in this picture. She also pulls of the sunglasses superbly as we have seen in her WWE look. This picture shows why she's been given the gimmick of this hot icon by the WWE who trust her to woo all the audiences.

12 Sexy Summer Outfit


Emma might have pulled off some great photos in the past, but her recent ones are undoubtedly the best as this picture of Emma laying on the beach wearing that blue bikini is just the stuff of dreams. As she's getting into shape to become hotter for "Emmalina", this picture of her looking absolutely smashing goes onto show how sexy she can be if she wants to look like it. With drips of water on her and her backside being shown in all its glory, this picture goes onto show exactly how hot Emma has become as not only is her face beautiful in it, but how hot she looks laying on her front in the beach with droplets of water on her is just out of this world. WWE's decision to give her a sensual gimmick was a right one and can make her a top star in the Women's division.

11 Sizzling Figure


Emma might be a goddess when it comes to photoshoots, but she works really hard to maintain her figure all the time as she often puts up pictures on her social media showing her hot body for the fans. This picture of her wearing that beautiful red dress is all the proof you need to see just how well she maintains herself in and outside the ring. The view from the side angle shows exactly how well-figured she is as her hard-work seems to have paid off in the past few years. This picture not only shows off her amazing assets, but also shows the shape of her body which is absolutely perfect for a WWE Diva as the Aussie isn't shy of showing it off, making for more hot pictures like this one.

10 Closeup


We love to see her in the ring, but there's something about these candid photos we just can't get enough of. Anyone can fall in love with Emma just by looking at her, as the gorgeous Aussie has a lot of fans on all her social media platforms because of how much she gives away to her loving salivating audience. This rather close-up picture of her shows her "assets" in the most sensual manner as she's again donning those sexy glasses which have come to define her and her previous gimmick, looking badass and hot at the same time while wearing that bikini. This stunning picture of her can woo any guy; she's the stuff of dreams for many and loves to put out pictures of her dazzling figure for her fans to see, as this remarkable picture of her showing off her "assets" is an absolute treat for the eyes.

9 Little Black Dress


You knew this was coming: everybody's favourite little black dress! Emma is actually a natural blonde as she has probably dyed her hair in the past few years to cover it up, but it's without a doubt that she looks even more remarkable with her blonde look. In this picture of her with that full blonde look, she's looking smashing, wearing that stunning black dress as her seductive pose is enough to woo anyone watching it - male or female! Emma's looking absolutely gorgeous wearing this dress, as her amazing figure and looks are in full effect in this ravishing picture as the Aussie goes onto show why she's one of the hottest women in the WWE right now.

8 Out Of The Pool


Give us a second as we wipe our drool. Emma is regarded by many as having the hottest bikini bods in the WWE right now; she shows us why in this sizzling picture of her wearing that tiny bikini while taking a dip in the pool. She looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in this one as the water just drops all over her and is enough to get anyone to drool over this picture of her. Emma definitely has one of the most remarkable figures in the WWE right now, as this stunning picture of her wearing this blue bikini goes onto show why many people are so much in love with her figure as her sexy assets compliment her ravishing looks very well. When is she back on our TVs? We can't wait!

7 Bikini Selfie


Selfie time! As we've already shown, Emma in a bikini is absolutely heavenly, as the Aussie has been ravishing us with her pictures in swimwear which has won over a lot of fans for herself. This picture of her in a white bikini in what looks to be a picture for the fans has left us mouth agape, as this rather candid picture of her goes onto show exactly how hot she can be even without trying to be. She isn't posing for anything in this one and doesn't have much make-up on either but still manages to look absolutely stunning because of her heavenly figure which is the stuff of dreams as the Aussie is the lady any man could be wooed by because of her amazing figure which she has not only kept in check in the past few years, but also loves to provide gifts for her fans with sexy pictures like these which show how remarkably hot she is all the time.

6 Pool Party


Emma might look amazing in photo-shoots and in sensual outfits, but this picture of her around bubbles in a pool party is where she is absolutely mind-blowing and manages to look like a stunner. In what was a WWE sponsored Pool Party for Divas, this pictures is quite old after the resurgence of WWE NXT when it was revamped, as this picture of her before the change in her looks goes onto show how sexy she was back in the days as well. Pulling of that bikini amazingly here as well, Emma looks absolutely sensational with the bubbles floating around her as the beautiful blonde's amazing figure is on full display in this picture as she knocks her opposition out of the park when it comes to look, and looks like a perfect 10 in this sexy picture.

5 Back To Black


Emma might look hot in almost every outfit she pulls off, but it seems like Black is her color as she looks a level hotter than she normally looks when she dons a black costume, as this black outfit which she's wearing makes her look absolutely amazing. The stunning Aussie pulls of this dress phenomenally, as this color shows exactly how gorgeous she is and how it also reveals for her amazing figure and also has that cleavage show to put in that sensual element to the picture makes it one of her hotter pictures till date. She seems to be able to pull of any sexy outfit, as her remarkable figure goes really well with this black outfit which shows her in her most sexiest form and is something one can't take their eyes away from.

4 Before She Was Famous


Although one can undoubtedly ascertain that Emma has become hotter in the past few years, she was always pretty sexy as this picture of the old Emma goes onto show. This was probably taken in her early years in the company, as she is wearing that pink and black inner-wear in this one and looks to already have a superb body at the time as she was already pretty well toned at the time. Pictures like these are probably what compelled the WWE to push her to work on her figure and get even more hotter, as this picture not only shows how well she's transformed since the picture but also goes onto show how stunning she was back in the days as well before gaining relevance in the WWE.

3 All Red Everything


Emma might look the hottest in her revealing bikini pictures, but because of how gorgeous she is in terms of looks and in terms of her figure, she can look equally hot while wearing stunning dresses as well, as this picture of her donning this beautiful red dress goes onto show why she's considered as a stunner between the WWE women. With that ethereal red background, she looks to be absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in this picture as her face is on focus in this one and goes onto show how beautiful she is, as this red dress she's wearing also goes onto showcase her figure in a dazzling manner. She goes onto show how sexy she is in this picture and how amazing she can look in a color like red, as this pictures brings out the goddess in her.

2 Gorgeous In Orange


Orange is a color which doesn't really suit everyone, but Emma proves in this picture that she can pull of just about any color with her as she's looks smashing in this picture of her wearing this orange bikini and laying on top of that cliff. Her pose in this one is enough to make one fall in love with her, as her sensational figure is on showcase in this one which shows exactly how perfectly toned her shape is as this picture makes her show like a model rather than a wrestler. She's worked hard to make herself look this good, as she's absolutely stunning in this picture which is ethereal because of the background and Emma shines in this one as she looks remarkable wearing that Orange Bikini and even if she hasn't revealed that much by laying on her front, she still manages to make for stuff of dreams with this gorgeous photo which goes onto show how hot Emma can manage to look wearing absolutely anything.

1 Black Is The New Sexy


Despite looking like the hottest thing ever, Emma's sexiness seems to go up a level when she wears black as the color seems to suit her skin tone and figure amazingly well, so when it comes to wearing a black bikini, you can almost ascertain that it will be something smashing. This picture of the stunning Emma donning a black bikini has hotness written all over it, as her figure is amazingly being displayed in this picture right from her stunning assets to her amazing figure in general, and how she manages to cover a part of her face with her hair only makes the picture more seductive for the viewer. Emma has the body many can only dream of and men can dream of getting a woman with it, as she's definitely one of the hottest women in wrestling right now as pictures like these are irresistible to not watch as one cannot be helped but admire the sexiness of this picture and just continuously stare at it, as the Aussie is the dream girl of the WWE right now and it's because of spectacular pictures like these is why she's considered as one for the future, as her outstanding figure can take her a long way in wrestling.

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Emmalicious: 15 Hot Photos Of Emma You NEED To See