15 Unscripted WWE Incidents That Made Us Cry

We will look at some of the most emotional things to happen over the past few years in the WWE Universe.

The real moments of wrestling can get into the emotions of the toughest of fans. WWE has tried to capitalize off this in recent years with the reality aspect of the product. We get shows like WWE 24 and in-depth coverage of things like the Hall of Fame. It allows fans to look behind the curtain and soak in the moments that the wrestlers are legitimately feeling. Triple H reportedly wants to double down on this in the future with more unscripted moments rather than over the top characters. The bonus to this is strong emotional attachment between the fans and the performers.

Recent history has shown us just how emotional things can get for a fan watching WWE when the script is out the window. Some of the most memorable moments have featured wrestlers going through real moments on screen or in the locker room that break the script. As diehard fans, many of us will shed a few tears at the touching or heartbreaking moments. We will look at some of the most emotional things to happen over the past few years in the WWE Universe. These are fifteen WWE incidents that were unscripted and made us cry.

15 Kurt Angle Embraces Vince After Horrible Falling Out


The return of Kurt Angle to WWE in 2017 was one of the biggest wrestling stories of the year. Angle left WWE back in 2016 in horrible fashion. WWE and Angle had a bitter falling out regarding his addiction to pain killers. Angle trashed Vince McMahon, Triple H and the entire company in various shoot interviews right after leaving the company that was his wrestling home.

As time went on, Angle regretted these comments and wanted a chance to make it right by finishing his career in WWE.

14 Seth Rollins Tears Up After WM 33 Match With Triple H


Seth Rollins missed WrestleMania 32 with a knee injury that made things very depressing for him. WWE footage caught up looking on in pain from a pressbox watching the event as a fan. Rollins’ health was up in the air regarding a match with Triple H at WrestleMania 33. WWE cleared him, and he was able to have the match with his legendary mentor one year after a low point in his WWE career.

13 Kevin Owens Thanks Triple H In Character And in Real Life


The Kevin Owens Show DVD looked at his journey from the independent circuit to NXT to WWE. It all culminated with the biggest moment of his career when he won the Universal Championship. Owens pinned Seth Rollins with the help of Triple H in a shocking moment to give him his first WWE world title. There’s a moment in the ring where Triple H and Owens hug while Owens thanks Triple H.

Owens explained more in the DVD special that he was thanking Triple H outside of the script for all he did for his career.

12 Sasha Banks breaks down talking about making history in Abu Dhabi


An interview for the WWE YouTube channel saw Sasha Banks get to share real emotions about a historic moment rather than having to be in character. Banks faced Alexa Bliss on a live event for the first ever women’s match in Abu Dhabi. WWE was forced to keep the women home on prior live events there, but Banks and Bliss had the first match in 2017.

11 Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior make peace backstage


The Ultimate Warrior returned to WWE in 2014 to join the Hall of Fame. His weekend back with WWE saw him make peace with many of his former enemies. Shockingly, Warrior passed away just days later in unbelievable timing. Vince McMahon and Triple H made peace with Warrior, but those were given since they were allowing him to speak with a live microphone on one of their biggest events.

10 Matt and Jeff Hardy surprise everyone


The recent episode of WWE 24 about WrestleMania 33 showed us more details about how Jeff and Matt Hardy shocked us all. WWE hid the Hardy Boyz in a tour bus for the entire day until sneaking them into the venue minutes before their surprise return match. At one point, Matt and Jeff are asked to run to the entrance position since time was sensitive.

The footage of the aftermath is the emotional moment that will make you tear up.

9 Alexa Bliss’ Talking Smack Emotions


Alexa Bliss is one of the cruelest characters in WWE today as the mean heel in the Raw women’s division. However, she gave fans an emotional moment when she provided an unscripted memory on Talking Smack. The show followed her first major championship win to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bliss joined the show to discuss the biggest win of her career over Becky Lynch.

8 Finn Balor's heartbreak giving up Universal Championship


The rise of Finn Balor saw him become the first ever Universal Champion. WWE introduced Balor in the 2016 brand split and had him win the title in his first PPV match. It was meant to start a long run and Balor getting his rare shot at being the top face on Raw since Roman Reigns was being punished for failing a drug test at the time.

Unfortunately, Balor suffered a serious injury when winning the Universal Championship and had to relinquish it 24 hours later.

7 Naomi gets emotional winning title in hometown


Naomi is a fixture in the SmackDown women’s division as one of the most athletic ladies in the company. The hard work and improvement of Naomi allowed her to become a great asset to the roster. Naomi won the SmackDown Women’s Championship for the first time in early 2017 but was forced to give up shortly after due to injury.

6 Ric Flair unveils statue


WWE honored Ric Flair’s career by unveiling a statue of him at WrestleMania weekend last year. Triple H and Charlotte Flair said some heartfelt words about Ric before the status was shown to the fans. Ric took part in the moment with some of his best friends, respected peers and beloved family members. It was a special moment in his career that he will likely always cherish.

Considering Flair had health issues later in the year, the unveiling of the statue is even more important looking back.

5 Women embrace Natalya after title win


Total Divas switches between reality-based scenes from backstage of WWE shows to scripted entertainment about certain stories in the real lives of the ladies on the show. One unscripted moment to get featured on Total Divas this past season showed Natalya winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam 2017 by defeating Naomi.

It was the biggest win of Natalya’s career and her first title reign since the division started being taken seriously.

4 Goldberg finding redemption after 13 years


The wrestling career of Goldberg seemed to end in embarrassing fashion when he left WWE in 2014. Goldberg had a horrible one year run with WWE after his success in WCW. WWE never viewed him of having the same star power as he did in WCW leading to poor booking. Goldberg had an atrocious match against Brock Lesnar that led to him leaving.

3 Nikki Bella being surprised at John Cena's proposal


Everyone seemed aware that John Cena was going to propose to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 except Nikki Bella. WWE 24 showed the backstage moments that went on before and after this took place. Nikki thought Cena would never propose and refused to believe the speculation of fans thinking he would finally pop the question in front of the world.

2 Women's roster reaction to Royal Rumble announcement


A shocking moment to take place on air for the ladies of Raw came when Stephanie McMahon announced the first women’s Royal Rumble match. The ladies of Raw were all battling it out before Stephanie came out to interrupt them for the announcement. Everyone was happy and emotional about finally having the opportunity to compete in the attraction match.

1 The Undertaker leaving to the sound of "Thank You, Taker" chants


The Undertaker’s wrestling career is up in the air. Many people believed he retired last year after losing to Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 33. Undertaker is rumored to be considering having another match this year, but he treated the Reigns match as his retirement. WWE 24 cameras were able to capture Undertaker out of camera for the first time. He discussed wanting to still entertain the fans before the match and not wanting to be a parody.

Following the match, fans appreciated his effort with loud “Thank you, Taker” chants.

The aftermath saw The Undertaker lower down from the stage area as the fans serenaded him. Undertaker was filmed with an emotional look on his face. We caught the visual of him soaking in the appreciation of fans as he seemingly ended his career. Undertaker gave us tears one more time if he was truly retiring for good there.

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15 Unscripted WWE Incidents That Made Us Cry