15 Enticing Photos Of WWE's Cathy Kelley That Finn Balor May Want Private

Finn Balor may be the first ever Universal Champion, but his career as a whole in WWE hasn’t always been "too sweet." Instead, Balor’s time on Raw has been filled with ups and downs. Balor was drafted to Raw and defeated Roman Reigns and later Seth Rollins to become the inaugural Universal Champion. However, Balor injured his shoulder during that title match, which required surgery, and Balor was forced to drop the title he just won. Balor spent about seven months on the shelf but would make his triumphant return to in time for WrestleMania. Despite his return, he never even sniffed a chance to regain the title he was never defeated for. Balor remains popular as ever, but as of the end of 2017, Creative seemed to have nothing for him. Thankfully, the pendulum is swinging back in Balor’s favor once again do to his reunion with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and to top it all off, rumor has it that he’s dating Cathy Kelley.

Most WWE fans are more familiar with Renee Young for her backstage interviews and appearances on Total Divas, or Jojo Offerman for her ring announcing (among other things). Even Charly Caruso is more widely known. However, Cathy Kelley is the newest announcer, television host and journalist for WWE. Her duties confine her mostly to the WWE Network, namely NXT, as a backstage correspondent, which is why she’s not as recognized. However, she is no less talented and no less easy on the eyes.

Balor and Kelley were spotted together holding hands, leading to speculation that the two are dating. If the rumors are true, then Balor may have just snagged his greatest title yet, that of being Cathy Kelley’s boyfriend. This article is here to help fans get to know Cathy Kelley and, of course, show you 15 pictures of her that would drive Finn Balor crazy.

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15 In Swimwear

via evanino.com

You would expect a swimsuit model to look this good in a swimsuit, and yet, Cathy Kelley looks equally fantastic, if not better, than women who have been modeling in swimsuits for years. Cathy loves the beach and isn't afraid to be seen sporting a bikini, whether she's paddle boarding on the water or catching some rays. Although a tan for Cathy isn't exactly a sure thing, that doesn't stop her from trying, and she still looks great regardless. Seeing Cathy Kelley in a bikini is definitely something Finn Balor has to enjoy, but he probably isn't too keen on us enjoying it as well.

Many Cathy Kelley fans can't help themselves from gawking at her excellent swimwear, but Finn probably doesn't appreciate it as much. Most guys don't appreciate their girlfriend being stared at, and when Cathy flaunts her bikini there's a lot of staring to be had.

14 Joining The Wolfpac

via imgur.com

Cathy Kelley is responsible for a lot of the social media duties in WWE and with that comes a lot of time on the computer in the office. That also can lead to a lot of free time. Here, Kelley is showing off behind the scenes which is cool for a number of reasons. One, it’s always cool to see behind the scenes photos of the backstage goings-on of WWE. Two, she’s showing of her nice legs in some very short shorts, and three, she’s representing the awesome nWo Wolfpac.

Finn Balor might be a little worried at the sexy overload of this pic, but also the fact that in her Facebook post, she’s hating on The Shield while repping the rival WCW’s nWo Wolfpack. Finn has to be worried that Cathy’s opinions, like this one knocking The Shield which the company spent years building up, could come back to bite her or himself by association. He definitely doesn't want to endure another series of relentless Chokeslams from Hell via Kane, and would rather have Cathy control her posts.

13 A Risky Business Tribute

via pinterest.com

At first glance, this photo of Cathy Kelley brings flashbacks to Tom Cruise's famous scene from the film Risky Business and all the parodies that followed. Kelley was a panelist and host for Afterbuzz TV which recaps Monday Night Raw, NXT and also includes recaps of ABC’s The Bachelor. To Finn Balor’s relief, this is not normally what Kelley wears on the set, but surely ratings would sky rocket if they did. Nevertheless, this pic alone probably gave Finn Balor a minor heart attack.

One thing that’s certain about Cathy Kelley is that she’s not afraid to wear next to nothing. No one can question why Finn wants to make her his girl, but this sexy pic on the set of her show is probably one he’d rather her keep private. The pic isn’t the most professional, and if there’s one thing WWE likes, it’s professionalism. Finn probably lost it when he saw this pic. Not because it’s hot, but because it’s quite scandalous as well.

12 Wearing Glasses On Instagram

shoutout to all my homies with astigmatism

A post shared by Cathy Kelley (@cathykelley) on

One of the most endearing things about Cathy Kelley is that she can be cute without even trying. Most of her pictures on her social media accounts, like Instagram and Facebook, are just of her at work or hanging out with friends and even celebrities like Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and Aly Raisman. She’s not trying to look gorgeous in these pics, she just does. And just to drive Finn even crazier, she also has plenty of pics posing and trying to look as hot as possible.

It’s obvious Cathy Kelley isn’t shy, and her social media proves it. Her Instagram is full of her looking great without even trying, and that has to make Finn a little wary. Finn knows Cathy is a gorgeous women, and with all the extra attention social media gives, he probably wouldn’t mind it if Cathy Kelley toned down her Instagram account as well.

11 At The Office

disco ball chic

A post shared by Cathy Kelley (@cathykelley) on

With Cathy Kelley working in the office, it’s a wonder if any work at all can get done. It definitely doesn’t help when she is wearing this amazing outfit to work. Kelley alone would be a distraction, but her wearing an incredibly sexy skirt is just too much. Cathy clearly isn’t afraid to look good at work, but this outfit has got to have the leader of Balor Club’s head spinning.

Finn Balor is surely aware of how attractions can start at work between fellow coworkers. That’s undoubtedly how Finn and Cathy met and started their attraction. So, with Cathy looking this good at work, Finn, and Cathy for that matter, should be aware of the dangers of unwanted attention, especially when looking extra good at work. I’m sure Finn isn’t afraid of other people vying for Cathy Kelley, but the unwanted attention Cathy is surely receiving in the workplace is something Finn could live without.

10 In Calvin Kleins

via sportsgrid.com

With Cathy Kelley looking vivacious at work, on the beach and casually on Instagram, one shouldn’t be surprised that she looks amazing as she dabbles in modeling. Here, Cathy is showing off the undies and sports bra like a pro. Modeling for Calvin Klein seems natural to her, and her beauty helps make her look like someone who’s been modeling for years. While Finn Balor has to love that he’s dating a woman who could pass for a model, he has to feel a little trepidation about these kinds of photoshoots.

Although most would love to have a girlfriend that can rock that steamy look of Cathy Kelley wearing Calvin Klein, most men also wouldn’t want their girlfriend showing off their underwear to complete strangers. This picture of Cathy modeling is the apex of her hotness, and while Finn might enjoy that, he certainly doesn’t want anyone else to be.

9 At The Golden Globes

via IMDb.com

“Insert Golden Globes joke.” Hey, those are her words, not mine, but I could think of a few if she insists. Cathy Kelley is no stranger to making appearances at the Golden Globes, the Emmys, or even movie premieres such as the masterful Sharknado 3. During these appearances, every single time, she brings it. She often dons a gorgeous flowing gown and looks like an absolute star, rocking the red carpet. Here, Kelley is wowing the paparazzi and probably driving Finn Balor into a cold sweat.

Cathy Kelley looks as elegant as ever and is clearly rocking the Golden Globes in more ways than one. Because of this picture alone, Finn Balor surely lost his mind. Just thinking of this stunning woman surrounded by the richest and sexiest people alive during these events has got to make him want to unleash the Demon on those Hollywood elites.

8 Rocking The Yoga Pants

Of course, fitness models are supposed to look great in yoga pants, but despite not being a fitness model at all, Cathy Kelley still looks absolutely fantastic in them as well.  They seem to fit her perfectly, and her Instagram page displays pics of her showing them off. Cathy is obsessed with yoga pants according to her blog, but she explains they help keep her active. Kelley may not be a fitness model, but she's definitely all about staying healthy and in shape. If her yoga pants motivate her to get to the gym, we're not going to complain.  Clearly, the motivation is working.

While Finn has to love that his new girl is active, goes to the gym and looks great in yoga pants, it probably drives him bonkers just how often Cathy Kelley wears them. Not to mention, she wears them just about everywhere for everyone to see. If Finn has a problem with guys checking out his girlfriend, then yoga pants are the last thing he should want her to wear.

7 Personal Blog Photo

via CathyKelley.com

If you haven’t checked on Cathy Kelley’s website, you may want to give that a look. It contains hot pics, like the one above, but also, her blog posts are full of entertaining content. She’s fairly active on her blog and website, so if you want to get a glimpse into Cathy’s bubbly personality, her website is the place to go. Cathy Kelley's great personality compliments her attractiveness well. Though every fan should enjoy her website, I highly doubt Finn Balor appreciates the site as much as we do.

The website has plenty of good-looking pics and a quirky blog, but no mention of Finn can be found anywhere. If Cathy is dating Finn, you’d never know it checking on her website, or social media for that matter. Cathy Kelley is looking very single on CathyKelley.com and that has to burn Finn’s britches.

6 On NXT

via sportsgrid.com

Finn Balor has to be happy that Cathy Kelley is working in the WWE. I know we're happy about it.  While Kelley debuted at WrestleMania 32, she is largely working behind the scenes in NXT, doing backstage interviews and recaps of the show.  It also puts her and her man apart which I'm sure he hates, especially when Cathy is looking as good as she looks here.

Cathy Kelley knows her wrestling and isn't new to standing in front of a camera. Finn should be proud that this is his girlfriend, however, it also has to make him nervous. With Cathy looking great, surrounded by young good looking studs of NXT, and Finn nowhere to be found to keep the guys in line, these circumstances have got to make Balor wonder if an NXT return would be such a bad thing after all.

5 Cathy And Yodi

via YouTube.com

In one of the most awkward YouTube clips ever witnessed, Cathy Kelley appeared on The Schmoes Know podcast and was asked to pick one of the members on a date. She apparently picked guest host Mark "Yodi" Reilly, and both joked about how they were "dating" and what led up to the pick. Kelley, to her credit, is taking it all in stride, but the YouTube clip is very cringeworthy nonetheless.

While this seems like innocent fun, the video clip is still awkward, and probably even more so for Finn Balor, who has to keep seeing pictures, like the one above, with the title "Cathy Dating Yodi?" Even if it's just pretend dating, it's still got to be a little uncomfortable to see this awkward looking guy named "Yodi" with his arm wrapped around his girl calling her his "date." Personally, I'd pay good money to see Finn hit the Coup de Grace on Yodi.

4 Halloween Costume

via twitter.com/therealfrancia

It's a shame, Halloween only comes once a year. That means pics like these are few and far between. Here, Cathy Kelley is sporting a sexy Riddler outfit and fulfilling our cosplay dreams. We were all hoping for Harley Quinn, but this Riddler costume definitely suits Cathy perfectly. I doubt there are many people that would be upset about Cathy quizzing them much to the chagrin of Finn Balor.

If Cathy is The Riddler, certainly Balor, who goes by The Demon King in WWE, would love to be her Dark Knight.  We've seen Kelley fit herself into some tight yoga pants, but this tight costume is too much for us and probably for Balor as well. We can't wait for the next Halloween costume, but if Finn and Cathy are still dating by then, Finn will probably be dreading all the attention Cathy will get from her next sexy costume.

3 Doing Yoga

via wrestlingforum.com

While Cathy Kelley and Finn Balor's love connection may still be a bit of a mystery, it's no secret that Cathy has a love affair with yoga pants. While Kelley claims to wear yoga pants to virtually every occasion, in this pic, she is actually wearing yoga pants to an actual yoga event. This yoga event partnered WWE, Manduka, Susan G. Komen and Tapout to hold the Project Om event with the goal to raise one million dollars. Naturally, the event was instructed by none other than Diamond Dallas Page.

Certainly, Finn has to be proud of his girlfriend for being a part of such a charitable event, and actually using her yoga pants for actual yoga. Still, I'm not sure the thought of his girlfriend doing the downward dog in front of many strangers wearing said yoga pants makes him as proud.

2 Cathy And Finn Holding Hands

via playerwives.com

The pic above is the one that set off all the speculation regarding Cathy Kelley and Finn Balor. While the faces of Cathy and Finn cannot be seen, a reddit user pointed out a similar outfit can be seen worn by Cathy and similar shoes can be seen worn by Finn.  With no mention of a relationship of even any pics of the two together, one has to assume both want their relationship to remain private at this time.

With Finn not ready to publicly and officially welcome Cathy Kelley into the Balor Club, he probably isn't too thrilled with this photo having been snapped and the following speculation that followed it. But that's not the last of the speculative photos that have popped up.

1 Cathy And Finn Facing The Camera

via gramunion.com

This is hardly proof that Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley are dating, but it's certainly a rare photo of the two together. The other photo allegedly of the two of them, holding hands walking away from the camera, left some doubt as to whether or not the two were dating, but this picture provides more evidence to support it. There is no doubting that the picture is of Finn and Cathy, and the way they are standing next to each other leads one to believe that Cathy is The Demon's queen. They were also recently spotted together at a basketball game.

Because clearly Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley want to leave much of their private life private, Balor is certainly not too thrilled about this pic and others like it.  Though one can infer that this could just be the two of them hanging out with no relationship there at all, there's more reason to believe Finn and Cathy are seeing each other than not. Bravo to the Demon King!

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