Why Enzo Amore Beat Kalisto At TLC 2017

Enzo Amore beat Kalisto at TLC 2017, was it because they see The Certified G as the centerpiece of the division?

Enzo Amore is your new Cruiserweight Champion. After losing the title to Kalisto on an episode of Raw that also saw the potential end of Neville's tenure in the WWE, Amore took the less than ethical route and pinned Kalisto to earn back his belt at Sunday's TLC pay-per-view on the WWE Network. The question becomes, is Amore the WWE's long-term champion?

If the WWE has planned to build the Cruiserweight Division around Amore and the rest of the roster knows it, it would make sense that Amore would get the title back and the WWE would rest the future of the division and 205 Live on Amore's shoulders. It could also be the straw that broke Neville's back.

Amore has a reputation in the WWE as being trouble and hard to work with. He's also not the company's most technical wrestler. Meanwhile, the rest of the Cruiserweight Division —including Neville—are likely viewed as fantastic in-ring performers. Amore is the one puzzle piece that apparently doesn't fit. Yet, he draws viewers.


It is the viewers that make Enzo a valuable commodity. His ability to talk on the mic, get people's attention and attract an audience is something that produces revenue for WWE, and if you draw revenue, you get the company's top prizes.


At TLC, Amore won back the title and really surprised no one. Kalisto was simply a placeholder since Neville left and there is no real telling where that leaves Kalisto. That said, the WWE apparently doesn't care.

Kalisto didn't look good in defeat and Amore got the attention. It's probably the issue most Cruiserweights will have with Amore as champ. They should probably grow accustomed to it as it looks like WWE plans to run things this way for some time.

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Why Enzo Amore Beat Kalisto At TLC 2017