Enzo Amore Blasts Corey Graves On Twitter

Enzo Amore continued his quest to distance himself from absolutely everyone backstage at WWE by taking a shot at Corey Graves via Twitter.

To say that Enzo Amore is not the most popular guy in WWE right now would most definitely be an understatement. This whole saga began when rumors surfaced that Roman Reigns kicked Amore off a tour bus for continually being annoying. Since then, the story snowballed as Amore has embraced his new one versus all persona on social media as well as going on a work/shoot rant aimed at his supposed best friend Big Cass.

As is often the case with WWE, the company saw an opportunity with this new found distaste for Amore. Vince McMahon loves to blur the lines between kayfabe and reality, and right now the whole 205 Live locker room hates Smacktalker Skywalker on screen, as well as off of it if the rumors are true. Over the weekend, Amore sought to further the catchment area of those who can't stand him to performers behind the announce desk.

Corey Graves often takes light-hearted jabs at in-ring performers, it's his job as a color commentator. This past weekend the announcer tweeted that his son celebrated like Enzo Amore during a baseball game and it made him feel that he had "failed as a father". Muscles Marinara didn't let the insult slide and took things up a notch, telling Graves that he hadn't failed as a father but had actually failed as a wrestler.

To the layman, that might not seem like that much of a dig, but the tweet as a whole was in pretty poor taste. Graves was once a Superstar signed to NXT and injuries forced the color commentator into early retirement. Before that, Graves had actually been an NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Neville. Although the announcing gig has worked out extremely well, it still must be tough for Graves to think of how things could have been.


It's all well and good that Amore is embracing the hate on screen and in the ring, but behind the scenes, it really does feel like he should be trying to get all the support he can muster. Shots like this will not help with that. Yes, Graves did start the back and forth, but Amore almost certainly took it to another level, one that some would consider a step too far.

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